April 28, 2007

[when you're 2.....]

.....a day out in the park is full of possibilities - just this morning, we
1. saw 2 tabby cats that kept mewing for our breakfast
2. chanced upon a mummy cat with 6 tiny 1 week old kittens - they were adorable!
3. discovered 'snail' plants - shrivelled up pods from the angsana tree
4. saw a big bicycle sign painted on the ground and played 'ring o ring of rosies' around them

Even though the nearby pasir ris park was under construction, we still managed to make a good morning trip out of it. No slides and swings, but with the enthusiasm of a 2 yr old, who needs them anyway!

G is still absolutely in love with cats, and it was a fun filled morning, as we scored a visual bounty of 5 big cats and 6 tiny kittens!

And i'm happy, as in anticipation of the crop tomorrow, i've managed to score some prize pics :


Eminepala said...

OMG What a GORGEOUS, sweet little girl... I want to HUG her and give her big kisses...
I have 2 daughters.. 1 of them is also 2 years old.. So I know what you're talking about ;)

Mel said...

see you later!

zingBOOM said...

She is sooo beautiful! Like her mama!

dreamie said...

Gracie is really sweet! specially her smile =)

May i sincerely add that i love all your scrapworks!!! They are all full of embellishments but nicely put together! Great job! i hope that one day i can do the same =)