April 06, 2007

[happy holidays!]

It's a public holiday and such nice weather! We went out for an early morning picnic at botanics followed by a swim.... G absolutely loves the water and even went down the slides! :) She really is very brave - venturing all over the shallow section all by herself, refusing our over protective help. Here's some pics from the morning:

too many things to do, too little time! :) and that drasted weffriddles is consuming too much brain cells!


Mel said...

abt weffriddles, you can say that again!! hahaha.. i've spent too many good hours on that site!

Kandis Smith said...

Great pics!! We went to the park today too. Had to enjoy the nice weather!

Barlie said...

weffriddles...weffriddles...!!! i'am in level 1 and don't andersand what to do ..i'am not that good in english so !!! your page and project are so inspiring ty!!!!