April 23, 2007

[good things]

This blog is dedicated to my long time friend P. She's been relentless at marketing her stuff and i'm happy to help out with spreading the word! (of cos, she's also bribed me..... heehee)
We both share the same passion for beautiful classic furniture, crafty stuff, trashy novels and nice big bags.. A few years ago, she left her day job to design and make her own products - lovely luscious soft furnishings, made with the best of materials.... sigh, i can only aspire to one day own one of her fully lined silk quilts. Enough gushing, i'll let the photos do the talking:

Such eye candy....... :)

To find out more abt her - do visit her blog HERE, her online shop HERE and her website HERE.

O plus she's also a GREAT cook! Thanks P for all those fabulous lunches you always manage to whip up seemingly without much effort - nigella lawson style! :)

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