February 24, 2012


Time flies, just 1.5 weeks to japan...... Can't wait!!!

Also, we have been very honoured to be published in the latest Cubes magazine. You can read snippets HERE, or buy the latest issue at the newstands :)
Here are some pictures of us that were used:

We have always wanted to be known for the way we work and practice, so this article really does showcase the type of practice we have set out to create. It should not be just about glossy images and stylistic vignettes, but more of the thinking behind creating the spaces. Hopefully the article conveys that message!

All our purchases (or rather V's purchases for us) have arrived from eBay. :) It was fun trying out the winterwear. I will have to take a photo of all the nice stuff!

We visited Public Garden last weekend too, but it was quite disappointing as the venue was rather small and not as many stalls (in my opinion) participated. Was nice to bump into one of my regular reads Cookie Cutter there... and also this new stall!

G also had a playdate with her best friend from Kindie. The girls LOVED playing together, so nice to see her so happy! School issues are still there..... getting slightly better. As most things go, there are good days, then there are the not so good days. We're learning to not expect too much and just go with the flow! Of course it really helps that my parents are around to send her to school, makes it much easier for her and for us! Plus K gets to have lunch w us everyday now, which is a nice bonus :)

We also had a birthday party.... cute little girls!
G's drawings are getting more and more detailed. This is the princess, the catapult, the castle and the dragon. Together with a knight on a horse! :)

February 10, 2012

[School Blues]

G had been going into P1 for almost a month with not much complaints and quite a lot of joy and laughter. So much so that we were totally thrown aback when just 2 weeks ago, she became very reluctant to go to school, starting with crying before school starts, to an all out tantrum every single day for the past week. It has been very very trying on the teachers in school, the councillors and of course on poor G herself. It is also very very bewildering for us, who have seen her happy and cheerful face the whole morning, just for her to degenerate into the toddler behavior of scratching, crying, hysterical and screaming "no! no!" tantrums. Her separation anxiety really peaked today, where poor V had to be the one ferrying her to school and she clung to the school gates in a panic and refused to be cajoled to get into school. The other parents who were waiting outside the school gates probably felt so sorry for her as she resisted every single attempt to be led into school. According to the school, she can calm herself down quite quickly once she is in school and out of our sight. It is almost like she has set herself an internal "blowup" clock, which goes off just as she reaches the school gates and is just as easily disarmed once the 2nd period is over. In fact, she herself has come back home - always happy and smiling - to say that she feels absolutely fine after 2nd period but she just hates school.
We are at our wits end on how to deal with this situation, as it just becomes increasingly difficult to "force" her to remain in school. We have tried all methods, reasoning with her, writing coping cards, making little notes and photos to bring to school. The school advocates the firm approach, and from observation, it really does seem to work. If only the separation part can be less traumatic for all parties!
Also, in light of all these, it really does make me feel so appreciative of all the love and concern being shown to us. A BIG Thank You to those who listened, who talked, who prayed, who sent me countless smses of encouragements.... it was so great to know that we're not alone in this.

Some sources which I've been reading and have been invaluable in their advice and positivity.
Separation Anxiety, The Anxious child, The sensitive child. While I'm against labelling, reading it does make one much less worried and know that at least there is some way of overcoming this.

A little LO to remind her how beautiful and good she is. (it's the japan trip pix cos that's how long it's been since I last printed out my photos!)
I found this label from a dress that is sooo true - Handle with Love.

So touched by this little note her 10 yr old distant cousin (in the same sch) wrote to her to cheer her up.

Links on books about bullying by a fellow mum.
Over the weekend, we made it down to the civic district and tried out this place - Strictly Pancakes.
Distracting the girls with UNO cards are great for stopping the quarrels.

Look at that super happy face! This is the G we know and love.....Yums.
It is just opposite the SOTA campus. A nice shady spot for some weekend indulgence :)
K obviously enjoyed it...By the time the desserts arrived, we were sooo full from the pancakes! Who knew 3 pieces of savory pancakes with miniscule slices of chicken and sausages can prove to be so filling!

Here's to a great weekend and a good week ahead!