April 25, 2010

[here and there]

Sorry for not updating the blog.... it's been quite awhile since i've been here!
Here's what I've been doing:
Making some commissioned pieces, i love the seahorses.
The inside is my fav red polka dot fabric
Another version, still a work in progress, I'll be looking at embellishing it further
Fabric selections
Just had these arrive from Japan, wonderfully soft and too gorgeous to be used as it's intended purpose. The little hedgehogs are now my sewing machine cover.
A bag for my SIL's bdayWe were the "jeans" family at the bday dinner. At an age when all they want to wear are dresses, it is no mean feat to dress them in jeans. Now to convince them that sneakers are cool too!

Impossible to get a good shot. Love these jeans from H&M, we have to wear them very soon, G has about 4 jeans and has outgrown all the rest. Luckily we have K to make full use of them, it would have been such a shame otherwise.... K at the super posh and utterly decadent Cova.

O and the other reason why I haven't been blogging? THIS.... totally addictive, but fun! (do add me if anybody wants a game - username : jacqyeo)

April 12, 2010

[G's sketches]

Just wanted to put this up for posterity... G's always been an avid sketcher, fascinated with doodling, marking, making up little storylines etc with pen and paper. On the other hand, she has a rather impatient personality (yup, exact copy of yours truly) which thrives on instant gratification. Hence, her sketches though normally pretty descriptive, often lack detail, as she is usually more keen on completing the 'big picture' than embellishing. It also usually has pretty symbolic trademarks, which i guess is a sort of drawing milestone. I felt she reached another milestone yesterday, when we decided to enter her sketch in a contest. I read her the explanation (basically to draw a town and garden), and left her to her own devices. True enough, she dove straight into it with her usual enthusiasm. This time however, it was really interesting to see her use methods of perspective (overlapping scenery), lots of details - like the sign that says "CTE" by the side of the road, road markings and even a tiny caterpillar in the garden. The scale is not quite there yet, but we absolutely loved the confidence of that little sketch. It was in pen, there was no erasing, not hesitation of any sort of putting down her art onto paper.... i would have just deliberated forever if i knew it was a contest! I guess that's the difference between a child and an adult!
Here's the little sketch... (let's hope she wins!)
Sketch by G (age 5)

April 08, 2010


I seemed to have been on a scrapping hiatus forever!!! Can't remember when was the last time I actually sat down and scrapped and really enjoyed it...
Well, last night, after the kids went to bed, amazingly, there wasn't that much work that needed to be done "immediately!" and I was in the envious position of being able to take my time pulling all my (new!) supplies out and get cracking with the Layouts! :)
I haven't had sooo much fun in a long time, I think i better make this a regular thing....
Papers, diecuts and alpha stickers are from the absolutely scrumptious new line from October Afternoon..... "remember this moment" stamp is from Studio Calico, that little tag "cousins" is MM. I'm in love with the wavy blue paper that looks like some japanese shoji screen. Love this pic of the girls and their cousin and ku ku.
Also managed to sieve out 2 of my favorite pics of the girls and scrapped those before i forget what they are like at this age. A little snapshot of G modelling her new boots with her favorite "flower skirt". She adores dressing up and I love taking pics of her all nicely put together. (pumpkin is a little nickname that ku ku has for her)
Heh, u see how much I love this paper?! Love using the kraft cardboard as a base for the rubons and also as little alpha tags. And the alpha stickers from OA are so great to use as an alternative to thickers as the title.
An exhuberant LO of the girls, I love the joy emanating from the picture. They absolutely loved the water play area at the marina barrage. I love how the dark background accentuates their faces!
Lots of journalling, mostly about anecdotes and how they are like at this age.

:) I really need to do this more often!

April 06, 2010


It is so difficult to condense all that has happened since i last blogged into just 1 posting, so i shall not even try. G went off for a week long holiday just last weekend and it seemed that so much has happened ever since! K started feeling quite a bit of separation anxiety as she had to go through the whole week without her elder sister around in the same space. She was so easy to leave at the kindie for the 1st week, we were lulled into a false sense of accomplishment. The 2nd week was definitely a regression, where she would cling to me and cry, not letting me leave the school. It was a trying week at school for her indeed (we are so thankful for her wonderful teachers, who were great at getting her to acclimatise back to the school routine). Our typical day would be to try to squeeze all our meetings / discussions in the 3 hours that K was at Kindie, then it would be 1 of us continuing our work at home, until she naps in the afternoon, where we will try to get as much done. After that would be the usual snacks and dinner prep, and playing with her until she sleeps, which is when work proper starts again.
G at 2 yrs old with "taigong"

Sadly, in the early morning hours of Monday, V's granddad passed away in his home. He was such a strong (and loud!) fixture in all our lives, absolutely loves the girls, and would be looking forward to seeing them every friday when we visit. They in turn, had a love-hate relationship with him. Due to the language barrier, they loved making funny faces and playing peek-a-boo with him, but can't understand what he tells them and gets frustrated when he tries to grab them for a hug and cuddle. It was quite a sudden passing and also the first time that anybody they know so closely has passed on, so it has been hard for the girls to understand and get to terms with. G as usual processed through it by asking lots of questions, she is always very concerned about the "when" and "why", and would ask if old equates to a "time to die". Her questions, often terribly acute, were a great reminder of how it is like to be a child. She prayed for G Grandpa, and wished that everybody could have been born at the same time, so that we could all die at the same time. K on the other hand, even though she didn't say very much during the whole funeral and after, was much more affected emotionally we felt. She hates us being away from her at anytime and would insist on us being with her all the time. She wants to be carried much more now, and would only be comfortable when we are around her. The separation anxiety is most pronounced at school, where before, she would be quite happy to spend the morning at kindie, she is now terrified that we would not be there for her when she finishes school. She will literally bawl and cling to us more than ever. Again, we are so thankful that she is at a school that the teachers are so good at taking care of them, we know that she'll be in good hands until she adjusts back once again to the school routine. So, it is with great sadness that we continue our Friday visits, but G Grandpa has had a really good life, he did not have much suffering, and was lucid and strong all the way until his passing. RIP grandpa, you are definitely sadly missed by all your grandchildren and g grandchildren.

Last weekend, the teachers came by our place too, but unfortunately, I did not have the camera ready! :P They did bring a huge basket of fruits and a wonderful handmade easter basket though. The girls LOVED the visit and have been talking about it ever since.

Cheeky one that is all snotty from her many tantrums this week
G loves reading to K, this is one of their favorite books - We're Going on a Bear Hunt.
I have been very busy on the craft front too, making these snap purses. I'm determined to get the pattern and technique right!
These are the larger ones, they measure about 12cm across the top, and are less fiddly to glue on.
I decided to make some with a little gather at the top, so that they can be poofier in shape and also hold more stuff. Combining 2 different fabrics too, so that there is more interest.
The inside is lined with heavy weight cotton, so that it maintains it's shape even when empty.

I'm in love with the red polka dot lining, I think every purse should have a little surprise when you flip it open!
This is actually one of my favorite sizes. I think they are tiny enough to be cute and yet just big enough to be functional.

All the different fabrics, but using the same pattern.
I got a little bored making them just simply in 1 or 2 fabrics, so I tried out one with a quilted fabric and my signature embroidery. I think it does make it look slightly more unique, and the quilted fabric holds it's shape wonderfully even without a heavier cotton lining.

Another purpose for the oilcloth? :) I made up this makeup brush holder really quickly. It's so simple yet functional!!