June 22, 2009

[fever marathon]

It has been a most tiring weekend....... the flu / fever virus first struck G, then slowly but surely went it's rounds across every member of the family. Only my dad and V, surprisingly, didn't get it's full blown effect. For myself especially, it was a real struggle, the tiredness of looking after sick little ones while well, and then the infinitely more exhausting task of looking after well little ones while sick. Thankfully, the worst of the bug is over (i hope!) and we're all on the road to recovery.....
The whole episode only lasted 5 days as it's worst, but it felt like a loooong week, with lots of sleepless nights and a whoozy drug-induced semi-consciousness. Of course, it meant that the whole Father's Day event just passed by in it's entirety, nobody had the inclination or energy to celebrate it at all. (sorry dads!)
Through the trying times, we really couldn't have made it without the help of our support system. I would really like to thank all family (my parents, sil, mil) who pitched in to help when help was most needed. It was much much appreciated.....

To V, the best daddy the girls could ever wish for. Here's a shot of how he usually looks on the way back home - lots and lots of bags! We could never figure out why it is that we have so many things to carry, but here's the proof......! Our bags-carrier, our driver, our playmate, our lego builder, our game inventor, our you-tube screener, our temperature taker, our packer, our milk and cornflakes maker, our mr super clean (g's phrase), our bed sacrificer (when G refuses to sleep on her own bed) - HAPPY FATHER'S DAY - we love you..... xoxoxoxo
And to my dearest daddy - HAPPY FATHER'S DAY too...... this is coming as a belated pressie to you..... :)
Some random pics of the girls before we all got sick......
At the ball place.
At the newly opened compassvale park.... (don't go cos there's nothing to do there!) hee....

June 13, 2009

[more birthdays!]

This week has been full of bdays, first, my dad's, then V's, and finally G's good friend Giselle's bday this morning.
Firstly, a very very belated bday to V - my partner, my closest confidante, my bestest friend. Lots of other stuff, but i've already written that all down in an old fashioned love letter... :)
K is talking lots now, here's a clip of her wishing her daddy a happy bday:

Today, we had so much fun at Fidgets, which is a huge indoor playground, targetted at children from the ages of 18mths and up. The girls had so much fun! Here's the pics:
This litte one turned 4! I asked her what she's going to be, she said "a Princess!" haha....A great big hug between best friends!
Check out the expressions!
All hot and sweaty......
A little bit wary at first, but after awhile, it's all systems go!

some vids of the slide actions!

Remember an earlier post HERE, i finally had some time to prep up the rest of the pages of the album, here they are - still without pics, but that is coming up soon!
A page about our favorite things / parts of the house
About occassions with K and G - 1st month celebrations (G + K), 2 yr old bday party (G), Baby parties.....
Lots of Happy moments, just chilling in the bedroom, lots of tummy time on the floor and lounge.....
Playdates! Through the years, lots of kiddies have traipsed up and down our built up furniture. Everyone that comes over treats our living room like a huge indoor playground! :)
To be Continued.........

June 08, 2009

[Happy Birthday Papa]

I read somewhere about a father putting all the important documents in easy to find files, so that his wife and daughter's (who are not the most conscientious) lives will not fall apart should he not be around anymore to take care of that aspect. That poignant description is exactly what my father will do, he is the most organised and methodological male i know (with V coming in a close second), and the things that he does for mum and me belies the easy going nature that people often associate with his personality. They say that fathers and daughters have the best relationships. I totally agree and have always thought that of our own relationship. My earliest memories are full of fun times, dropping mum off for her weekend shift (she's a nurse) and then off to the beach for hours... sometimes just the 2 of us, sometimes with my cousins.
It is a real blessing for us that now my daughters have the chance to enjoy these times with my parents. Happy Birthday Papa, we love you!

June 05, 2009


So..... on the home front... we've finally committed to our next home. Really really hard process, it was a nailbiting few days where the negotiations were bandied round the table (or rather, handphones) and finally, we came to a settlement. We do feel that we have paid (a little) more than we should, and i guess the seller probably thinks he should be getting (a lot!) more than he is, but ultimately, i suppose as my parents keep saying, if it's something we like and that we are set on getting, a little premium is not a big compromise. (i just hope my banker agrees! The amount of money that goes into this new place sends me into spasms of panic and stress everytime i think about it!)

Now, the exciting part starts! We're planning a complete overhaul of the place, so it's down to the drawing board - to conceptualise and start the design process of our very own SOHO. I'll be tracking the whole process here, so let's see, probably every friday i'll do a little "haus" update (ala holly here) In the meanwhile, a little HINT.....

In the meanwhile, remember i've started this little project of recording G's sketches in my embroidery? Here are the latest ones that i've completed and turned into lavender satchets for the wardrobe!

need to work on the poofyness of them!
but i'm really liking the frayed edges....

Also, 2 more commissions from SIL for these photo albums. :)

i love the retro colours in these ones! :)

June 01, 2009

[playdates and the startof the june hols *many pix*]

It was officially the end of school last friday for G. She still doesn't get the hang of timeframes, so she was absolutely thrilled to be told this morning that there is no school! Heh, to top it off, end of school term was even more fun as she had a sleepover at her grandparents place, PLUS a trip to the singapore flyer! :) She was definately all smiles last week in anticipation of Friday and the weekend. Also, we had a playdate lined up with her favorite friend from school - G. This time around, we went to the zoo!
We've heard about the new renovated kiddie land and all the fantastic new attractions. Poor K, this will only be her 2nd time to the zoo! We decided that we'll definately have to make it a point to bring her out more! haha..
So, here are the pics:
Firstly, as BJ said, the 2 CEOs had to confer on where to go......
as with big board meetings, the rest of the staff stood around while this very important discussion was taking place.....
it was then conveyed to secretary mummy......
And off we went! Of course the 2 CEOs had to be able to talk the whole time they were pulled along by the daddies....
Notice how the younger ones always get the 'less prime' seats... not that they were complaining! haha...After some cursory animal viewing, it was the highlight of the day - the waterplay area! Luckily we brought change of clothes for all!
Look at the delight!
Getting dunked by a sibling is no fun, but K took it all in her stride!
K was happy to just fill up cups of water, we can just about see the 2 older girls in the background!Perfect weather to get wet! :)
After the soak, it was off to the petting zoo while the 2 older girls played on.
I think they were having a little conversation...
Sweet smiley girls
then the monkey faces started....
the age-old favorite - the carousel - a perfect end to a perfect playdate!
:) Thank you to CEOs G and G for a playdate well organised!!! :)