June 08, 2009

[Happy Birthday Papa]

I read somewhere about a father putting all the important documents in easy to find files, so that his wife and daughter's (who are not the most conscientious) lives will not fall apart should he not be around anymore to take care of that aspect. That poignant description is exactly what my father will do, he is the most organised and methodological male i know (with V coming in a close second), and the things that he does for mum and me belies the easy going nature that people often associate with his personality. They say that fathers and daughters have the best relationships. I totally agree and have always thought that of our own relationship. My earliest memories are full of fun times, dropping mum off for her weekend shift (she's a nurse) and then off to the beach for hours... sometimes just the 2 of us, sometimes with my cousins.
It is a real blessing for us that now my daughters have the chance to enjoy these times with my parents. Happy Birthday Papa, we love you!

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