June 05, 2009


So..... on the home front... we've finally committed to our next home. Really really hard process, it was a nailbiting few days where the negotiations were bandied round the table (or rather, handphones) and finally, we came to a settlement. We do feel that we have paid (a little) more than we should, and i guess the seller probably thinks he should be getting (a lot!) more than he is, but ultimately, i suppose as my parents keep saying, if it's something we like and that we are set on getting, a little premium is not a big compromise. (i just hope my banker agrees! The amount of money that goes into this new place sends me into spasms of panic and stress everytime i think about it!)

Now, the exciting part starts! We're planning a complete overhaul of the place, so it's down to the drawing board - to conceptualise and start the design process of our very own SOHO. I'll be tracking the whole process here, so let's see, probably every friday i'll do a little "haus" update (ala holly here) In the meanwhile, a little HINT.....

In the meanwhile, remember i've started this little project of recording G's sketches in my embroidery? Here are the latest ones that i've completed and turned into lavender satchets for the wardrobe!

need to work on the poofyness of them!
but i'm really liking the frayed edges....

Also, 2 more commissions from SIL for these photo albums. :)

i love the retro colours in these ones! :)

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meta-lodestar said...

Congrats! Can't wait to chill out at your new place :)