June 13, 2009

[more birthdays!]

This week has been full of bdays, first, my dad's, then V's, and finally G's good friend Giselle's bday this morning.
Firstly, a very very belated bday to V - my partner, my closest confidante, my bestest friend. Lots of other stuff, but i've already written that all down in an old fashioned love letter... :)
K is talking lots now, here's a clip of her wishing her daddy a happy bday:

Today, we had so much fun at Fidgets, which is a huge indoor playground, targetted at children from the ages of 18mths and up. The girls had so much fun! Here's the pics:
This litte one turned 4! I asked her what she's going to be, she said "a Princess!" haha....A great big hug between best friends!
Check out the expressions!
All hot and sweaty......
A little bit wary at first, but after awhile, it's all systems go!

some vids of the slide actions!

Remember an earlier post HERE, i finally had some time to prep up the rest of the pages of the album, here they are - still without pics, but that is coming up soon!
A page about our favorite things / parts of the house
About occassions with K and G - 1st month celebrations (G + K), 2 yr old bday party (G), Baby parties.....
Lots of Happy moments, just chilling in the bedroom, lots of tummy time on the floor and lounge.....
Playdates! Through the years, lots of kiddies have traipsed up and down our built up furniture. Everyone that comes over treats our living room like a huge indoor playground! :)
To be Continued.........

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