May 16, 2009

[crazy hours]

Work has been crazy busy the past few days. With 2 presentations falling on the same week, we were surviving on only about 3-5 hrs sleep every night! It was good though, now that the weekend is here, we are finally back to our regular sleeping cycles. :)

Haven't had much chance to craft, hence the lack of blogging too! But, yesterday, managed to put together the start of 2 mini albums. The 1st one, is to document the various parts of this house. I want to put down all the different nooks and crannies that we all loved, the different house traditions, so that we can look back in future and reminisce.

Lots of OA papers, i LOVE the houses!
One of the inside pages, I've got to get some photos to complete them.

The 2nd book is really a re-worked photo album. I have been meaning to recompile my wedding pictures for quite awhile now. The OA chipboard album is great for doing that, there's little tabs that can divide the different events of the wedding, plus enough space on each page for 2 pictures! I'm going to slowly embellish each page with thoughts and little snippets of trivia..... will show it here when it's completed!
A pile of old pictures and the OA Tag album.
All compiled! Now for my favorite part, the embellishments!

O, and i'm making more stuff! :) Next week, hopefully there'll be time (in the car most likely!) to create some craft which i've been planning in my head. A little hint - it will be based on G's sketches.... :)

Love the illustrations of my old nursery rhymes book. It is really very wonderful, lots of victorian little girls and boys playing outdoors. I'll take more pics of them in the next post! G and K loves reading them! (thanks mum for keeping all my books in such good condition! They are great treasures :)


Yin Lim said...

i just so in love with your 1st mini album...gosh..the papers it! love it! love it! brilliant master piece!

playfulmeowz said...

love the home one! Which chipboard album did you use. I have been meaning to start mini albums, but have been procrastinating...thnaks for the inspiration!

Mel G said...

Can't wait to see how you embellish the album!!!

jing said...

hihi Jacq,

dropping by to let you know that i just saw your label for the record being listed in CATALOG ,under the store doink doodles.


ming said...

hey I remember that nursery rhyme book from somewhere in my childhood. my mom kept heaps of my old books too!