May 10, 2009

[quiet weekend]

Well, kind of. G had a sleepover at the newly renovated room of sil P, so it was a quiet start to the weekend. This will be another long weekend, with Monday a bank holiday for most people. Unfortunately for us, we'll be working through the weekend as we've a presentation due next week! :(

Anyways, lots of responses to the giveaway! Thanks sooo much for your comments, it's been really inspiring to read what are the items that you like :) I really have to get back to my crafting, it's been lagging a little bit.... In anycase, stay tuned, i'll draw the winning name out of the hat when the girls are awake.

Lot's have been happening as well on the home front. The days and hours are ticking towards the day that we've to move out of our home. It's been a good almost 5 yrs that we've lived here, and it's the only home the kids have known. I do hope it will be a good transition for them to the new place (which we haven't found yet! Yikes..) and I've decided to create a little book for us to keep our own memories of our favorite spots in the house. From this month onwards, i'll be keeping a lookout (and the camera ready) for photo ops of the children doing stuff around the house. I think it'll be a great way for them to remember what they did in the house! I started it today, all K as G wasn't around in the morning.
This is the face that greets us every morning, always super cheerful and grinning :)
The little corner for drinking her morning milk (there's a few of G doing this too at about the same age!)
Climbing onto the sofa by herself and looking at V working.
Just before her morning nap (which incidentally didn't happen! lol)
Remember i did a swap sometime ago? This was what i received in return...
2 really wonderful silver + stone bangles for the girls - they look so good and fit so well. :)
SEI treasures - L, you're so lucky to be so close to these! :)


scrap-myself-silly said...

Happy Mummy's Day !!!

jing said...

Happy Mother's Day to you.

Good luck with house hunting.