May 23, 2009

[just about]

On the brink of moving.. on the brink of buying... on the brink of being unsettled.

You know that feeling of immense excitement, of settling into a new place, of designing your very own little cosy nooks, of creating new memories..... then immediately the feeling of impatience, at how there are all these other moments of uncertainty and temporariness to get past! I'm now at the beginning stages of that impatience, the house we're looking at are not ours yet (blaming the volatile property market for this!) and we're starting to look at other possibilities in case this deal doesn't come through. In a way, it's pretty fun, snooping at other people's homes and dreaming up design solutions to suit our own needs, it's like a neverending design project!

In the meanwhile, reality bites and we try to still bring the kiddies out for some weekend play trips, to the park or swimming.... I'm not sure they know that we're moving yet, but every week there's new things to be given away and packed up!
I saw these pics and just HAD to use the OA papers for it! Doesn't the yellow just pop!! And the right hand side panel of labels? They're canvas stickers from a long-ago stash, which i HAD to use quick cos K decided to peel them all off!
So nostalgic, these pictures were taken on our trip to HK with just G. K was just newborn and we brought G to Hkg without her little sister. It was a great trip!
This page is a start at combining some of my embroidery/fabric collage work with scrapbooking! I think i need to look at how it can be done more seamlessly, perhaps i'll start to use other more textured elements like thick paint or gesso next time. In the meantime, this is my entry for this week's OLW. Love that site!
A quick one about how G is soooo much a reflection of myself. Whenever she is acting up or being a prima donna, i check myself from screaming out at her too much, as it is SO much like looking into a timewarp mirror that it's uncanny. I still remember throwing tantrums and thinking that the whole world was against me when i was young.. haha, just desserts?

Do go HERE to check out my stuff for sale. Updating it often. There's new pics of my SB stash that i've divided into lots. They're mostly for newbies that want to get started on SB and would want a cheap headstart on materials!