May 29, 2007

[sew much fun]

So, i've posted on our sewalong this:

Other crafty things i did recently:
Handphone pouches - heh heh.. i think this is a truly Asian obsession!

Putting together a minibook kit for the sale this weekend! :) Do drop by if you can!!!

May 28, 2007


Super excited!! This weekend will be the first time i'm setting up shop (for real!) at the MAAD event.
It's a 2 day event, i might be at the afternoon - evening time slot. Will keep you updated with more details.
But for now - here's what it is all about :
Oops.... just realised it's a bit small - the details are:
Where : Red Dot Museum
28 Maxwell Road
When : 2nd + 3rd June 2007 (this sat and sun)
11am - 8pm
Info :

Do come down and visit! There will be quite a lot other interesting artists and merchandising there too! :)

May 27, 2007

[a good sunday EQUALS....]

Some good food with great friends :
An afternoon of some impromptu scrapping:

Plus, some work in progress shots of the little quilty hat i'm making for HERE:
Now, just enjoying good old ribena, listening to G talking in the background with her daddy.
She told us when we asked her if she was warm - Warm is like "wombie wombie" (her wombat softie); and when i told her "mei you" (chinese for Missing) - it's like MAYO (mayonaisse).. too cute... o, and she's mastered her training chopsticks! (gotta remember to take a photo of that)

May 26, 2007

[last day of school]

G's first term in kindie has ended. I think it was an emotional and memorable night for us parents, to watch the little ones sing and dance in front of us with all their little friends. She's adjusted really well this 1st term in kindie, looking forward to going to school every morning, and will often come back with new songs and activities.
As parents, we are very happy that she's adjusted so well to the school and appreciate the total dedication of the teachers and staff to making the kindie such a fun and inspiring place! Check out HERE what the school does - it's fantastic!
Both sets of grandparents + ku ku also attended the last day of school activities with us - we do tend to take them for granted sometimes, but it's a proud moment for us that they also share in all the joys of G.
Here's the pics:

May 24, 2007

[Zingboom May LOs]

Haha... as what michelle said in her blog - i can't think of anything clever to say about the zingboom title. So, it's just called what it is :P

Love the different papers and the richness of the Daisy D's. Some of you have asked abt how i mix and match the papers and if i've a specific way of doing the LOs. Erm, it's not something i've thought abt very much, i just grab a bunch of stuff i like and try to think of ways to use them. I usually like to see if i can use different products in different ways - for eg, instead of using a felt flower flat onto the picture, i might fold it in 2 and layer it with different other elements. One thing that is consistent in all my LOs is the colour combinations or rather the MOOD of the LOs. Like the 'excursion' one, is all about being bright and cheery and light hearted- hence the greenish pps and pastel flowers. The '2 Gs' is all about trying out a different photo size, and how that is emphasised by the rest of the elements in the LO. I guess that's all i can really say about how i compose my pictures, not really a method.....

May 23, 2007


The day for excursion is finally here! :) G has been asking everyday - is today birdpark day? the whole of last week - ever since the teachers gave them the consent form to bring home.... heh heh.
Finally the day arrived and i took half a day off to accompany her on this fun day out! The weather held up for a large part of the trip, but it started to pour just after the show. The best part of the trip for me was just observing the other kids, and being able to put names to faces of her friends that she talks about at home.
Here are some pics:

*ps: isn't that red hat adorable! :) It's a freebie from school, but i'm going to attempt a home made one as my next fabric project!

May 22, 2007

[MAY somo LOs]

For some strange reason, my thumbnail is not showing up on the SOMO gallery website, but if you click on my name, my May LOs are up! :)

Go HERE....

[some scrappy stuff]

Q: how do u revive scrapping inertia?

A: have an offspring that's more crazy abt scrapbooking than you are! :)

Yup, G has been pestering me to do more rubons and stickers, so that's exactly what we did over the weekend :)

Of cos, as i scored big time with some mounted stamps at a recent 'lelong' (read - sale!) session, how can i resist using them!

[My quilted album steps]

Thanks for the lovely comments everybody :) It's fun to make the quilted album cover, and i actually did document the process, so here's what i did!
1. measure up the fabric with the book that you want to cover
2. sew together 2 different fabrics (or actually as many as you want!) to create the size - iron flat
3. seam together all four sides, with additional quilting details onto the face of the fabric if so desired.
4. measure and cut up 2 side panels for the slots
5. bind and seam all the sides

Voila! A quilted book cover :)

May 20, 2007

[crafting weekend]

Finally got some time to create some stuff for my etsy shop. It's a few albums that i've been meaning to stock up, but due to logistical inadequacies, i never did manage to get the template replicated :P Until now....
So, here's what i did -

also, finally presented a long overdue gift to a good friend (it was supposed to have been given when her son was newborn, he's now 8months old :P)

and, how can i not start doing stuff with my new amy butler fabric? :)

May 16, 2007

[happiness is....]

seeing all my LOs nice and organised choreographically in a brand new album! :) Love these leather scalloped albums from MM... aren't they gorgeous?

O.... and even more happiness ... my Amy Butler fabrics just arrived in the post :) Gorgeous...... happy dance!

May 15, 2007

[SOMO april LOs]

Decided to post this as the month is over at the SOMO gallery. The May kit is also utterly gorgeous, full of romantic vintagey stuff like the 7G crown and those lovely felt ribbons :) Please check their May Gallery for all the cool stuff from the DT!


May 13, 2007

[to all the mothers out there..]


Just back from a glorious sunday lunch with both sets of mums..... and G was pretty wellbehaved throughout. Now, i'm looking forward to a quiet afternoon of reading and snacking (yes, i'm so greedy i'm digging into the homemade goodies from grandma's just 2 hrs after lunch!) while G takes her afternoon nap.
Pretty productive weekend, i've completed all the LOs for SOMO, as well as 2 LOs for the ongoing calls - Cocoa Daisy DT & Hambly Guest DT..... I think i can't post the CD one here, but here's the Hambly one -

Also, here's some pics of G in her mother's day best:

And here's some of her favorite toys:

the one on the left is "Super Fat little owl" & the one on the right is "Fat little owl"... haha... all named by G.

Here are her girl girls - all lined up waiting for the bus :)

Thanks for the sweet comments, i should answer them before i forget :
Anonymous said...

just wondering... you make so many wonderfully creative things , how do you store all your stuff? do you display it all, or put it away ?
dinah (again)

Hi Dinah: Thanks for the comments :) Makes my day! All the 12x12 LOs that i do, i wil file them away until i buy enuff page protectors for them. The altered items are usually given away as gifts.

Anonymous said...

wow! tat's nice album. are ur LOs in 12x6?


Thanks jo: Yup, the LOs in this album are 8.5x11. They just fit snugly into regular A4 size page protectors.

:) Thanks for commenting, love to hear from all of you that read this blog! :)