May 13, 2007

[to all the mothers out there..]


Just back from a glorious sunday lunch with both sets of mums..... and G was pretty wellbehaved throughout. Now, i'm looking forward to a quiet afternoon of reading and snacking (yes, i'm so greedy i'm digging into the homemade goodies from grandma's just 2 hrs after lunch!) while G takes her afternoon nap.
Pretty productive weekend, i've completed all the LOs for SOMO, as well as 2 LOs for the ongoing calls - Cocoa Daisy DT & Hambly Guest DT..... I think i can't post the CD one here, but here's the Hambly one -

Also, here's some pics of G in her mother's day best:

And here's some of her favorite toys:

the one on the left is "Super Fat little owl" & the one on the right is "Fat little owl"... haha... all named by G.

Here are her girl girls - all lined up waiting for the bus :)

Thanks for the sweet comments, i should answer them before i forget :
Anonymous said...

just wondering... you make so many wonderfully creative things , how do you store all your stuff? do you display it all, or put it away ?
dinah (again)

Hi Dinah: Thanks for the comments :) Makes my day! All the 12x12 LOs that i do, i wil file them away until i buy enuff page protectors for them. The altered items are usually given away as gifts.

Anonymous said...

wow! tat's nice album. are ur LOs in 12x6?


Thanks jo: Yup, the LOs in this album are 8.5x11. They just fit snugly into regular A4 size page protectors.

:) Thanks for commenting, love to hear from all of you that read this blog! :)


Eminepala said...

Aw what a cutie.. Love your layout

Happy mothers day ;)


michelleguray said...

belated happy mom's day!! good luck with CD and Hambly and your pics of G are so sweet! oh and i love the owls! so cute!

Scrappy Days said...

Absolutely stunning! Happy Mother's Day!