May 26, 2007

[last day of school]

G's first term in kindie has ended. I think it was an emotional and memorable night for us parents, to watch the little ones sing and dance in front of us with all their little friends. She's adjusted really well this 1st term in kindie, looking forward to going to school every morning, and will often come back with new songs and activities.
As parents, we are very happy that she's adjusted so well to the school and appreciate the total dedication of the teachers and staff to making the kindie such a fun and inspiring place! Check out HERE what the school does - it's fantastic!
Both sets of grandparents + ku ku also attended the last day of school activities with us - we do tend to take them for granted sometimes, but it's a proud moment for us that they also share in all the joys of G.
Here's the pics:

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