May 29, 2007

[sew much fun]

So, i've posted on our sewalong this:

Other crafty things i did recently:
Handphone pouches - heh heh.. i think this is a truly Asian obsession!

Putting together a minibook kit for the sale this weekend! :) Do drop by if you can!!!


kristin said...

that hat is ABSOLUTELY adorable!!! (but then look at the sweetie modeling it :)

Scrappy Days said...

Wow! So much to see!! Will drop by!! ;)

Marr said...

wow... like your handphone pouches! Oh manz, I have a E61, can't find a nice pouch? You can take order and make one for me... heheheheh... :) You really amaze me, with the things you do, my dear friend!

Jenn Tan said...

love the hat!!!!... you are very talented and good with your hands... :)