May 11, 2007

[quilted album]

In between nursing a sick child (G is much better now, but her allergic reaction was a really scary and traumatic experience for all of us), trying to stay awake at night after G sleeps, i managed to cobble together sometime to do this quilted album cover.
Pretty pleased with the fact i managed to find a solution for fastening the page protectors. I sewed 2 lengths of ribbons to the backing piece and threaded them through the page holes.
YAY! Here are the pics:


Tina said...

I love that! What a great idea-Tina

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh. what wonderful idea!!! i shall try this one myself. thanks

Anonymous said...

just wondering... you make so many wonderfully creative things , how do you store all your stuff? do you display it all, or put it away ?
dinah (again)

Anonymous said...

wow! tat's nice album. are ur LOs in 12x6?


Scrappy Days said...

Oh wow! This is gorgeous! What an unique idea! Please conduct a class on this!