October 31, 2007

[getting it going]

I'm intending to create albums (and perhaps other craft) daily in a steady stream from now on. Hopefully my schedule works- it goes a bit like this - AM: Take pics of my craft & upload, rest of the time to catch up on emails and work, PM: Take nap with G, spend some time with her in the afternoon, Nite: Continue crafting. Sounds plausible? We'll see...

So, yesterday, the camera was out and there was finally a break in the rain. I'm retaking the shots of my album, so here they are:
The collections
Stacked up
:French Knots:
:2 of a kind::Flower Circle:
I love how the pink stool gives that super cool background colour!
More of the pink stool
Zoom in - Zoom out....

I'm pretty pleased with these ones - let's hope i get more sales! :) Off to swap the images in the shop now - who said running an online shop takes very LITTLE time.....

October 30, 2007

[baby album]

It's baby fever here! :) Just did this commissioned piece for an expectant mum - her #2 dd is on her way out really soon.. Thanks F for the lovely commission- i had a lot of fun putting this book together for you and hope you like it! - congrats on baby O again.. :)

Just finished my assignments for this month's SOMO kit... love the autumny colours!

October 29, 2007

[GOOD mail day!]

What a great surprise - heard the postman at the door this morning and as expected, there was a parcel from SOMO to me :) I've been waiting for the Oct Kit for a long time and it's great to see it finally in the flesh. What was a real surprise was a pressie that came in my kit box! :) I was so touched.... so nice to Kim and Jon to actually include a little something for me to celebrate the birth of K :) Thanks so much!! It's little touches like this that make me so glad to be on this design team - of course the fabulous kit and the Oct Afternoon stamps just shows how talented the 2 of them are! :) Happy happy good mail day - i'm going to go do my LOs now.....

Isn't it just so darling! :)

This is what G does to amuse herself :)
Or this ?

Her lips are swollen because she stepped off the WC and lost her balance. Love this pic of the 2 of them
Retaking pictures of the albums to list on my shop - how do i make them more artsy?
Look at her pensive stare
Spent a great relaxing saturday with sil P doing some crafting - we made 3 of these :) and also a bit of rectification work to her bag.....

October 26, 2007


by marr

Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself:
1. I used to need to sleep with a bolster - for a sense of security perhaps - but every since G was born, i'm fine with just the pillow.

2. I love eating 'milo' neat from the tin - i sometimes also take 'nutella' neat from the bottle.

3. I get bored easily and need to be constantly multi-tasking, otherwise i feel that i'm wasting time :)

4. I would only drink 'kickapoo' (a fizzy lemonade drink) for a long while, when i was a kid, i would only drink fanta orange.

5. My favorite computer game by far is this obscure role playing game called "the neverhood"

6. I love snow and the magical way it transforms a landscape. i would love to reside in a country with 4 seasons.

7. i sometimes wish that i've pursued my passion in art as a career, it seems a more idyllic lifestyle somehow.

So, there! Done - that didn't take too long - now to tag 7 people i know... well, actually, i dun think i'd do that :) Whoever reads this and wants to be tagged - please feel free to consider yourself tagged and leave a comment!

O. lots of work in progress going on -
i agreed to hold a kiosk at a friend's carnival in december. However, whenever i sell my stuff at local outlets, i have this compulsion to make 'more affordable' (read : cheaper) works. I wonder if anybody has that same experience? The thing abt the market locally is that there is not an awareness of handmade goods. Anything made by hand is not given the same credibility and would often be sidestepped for the cheaper mass produced commercial products. I've been talking to a good friend and fellow crafter, who reckons we should keep to our pricing as that is the true indication of the time and effort spent on the product. But how would one explain that to somebody who claims $xx is way too much to spend on something that could be bought for half the price if it was mass produced. Owell, i suppose it does make me think out of the box for how i can make a better and less time-consuming product.
Here's a continuation of the current line of album covers with applique.
: LOVE :
the new range
Thanks to M for the idea of this new range and also for the scraps in the most recent batch of embroidered albums :)

[crazy crafting mum]

K's just let me put her down into her cot to sleep. I guess the 1st week's worth of sleep was due to all that getting used to the outside world! This week she's been much more awake, drifting in and out of sleep in the mornings and wide awake just before everybody sleeps at nite!
Sleeping on her tummy while i catch up on my emails

tiny little bum bum :)
This last 3 weeks of confinement have been great, a taste of being a stay at home mum (with lots of help!) a chance to see how G's like after school and being there for her the whole afternoon, time to pursue my online shop and do other crafty things i've been meaning to do. But one thing i really missed was spending time with V. I guess working together all these years, we've taken for granted the time that we spend together, the easy companionship and conversations that we engage in the whole day. Last nite, i realised how much i miss that as we finally had to time to sit down together, talk abt design, work, trivial stuff..... it's so great to just talk sometimes!
A little baby album that i just posted off today - will post the inside pics once i get the go ahead from the recipient :)
*it's great to wake up in the mornings to a new sale!
I'm now in the process of cutting up more patterns for a new line that i'm making - a cheaper line probably... but we'll see :)

October 23, 2007

[more crafting]

G's helped me add Kate's name onto the wall on their room - note the hole in the "e" is filled in - that was on G's insistence....This is a little "thank you" present for E who's so generously given me her stash of fabrics :) Hope she likes it! It's off in the post today....

*heh heh...now you know how to bag yourselves one of these albums - just send me your fabrics! :P*

On the scrapping front, i'm still anxiously waiting for my SOMO stuff to come in the post, the gallery is up though on the website and i'm always so amazed at the variety of LOs and projects that the DTs have come up with!

As i was browsing through my Bloglines (as i religiously do every morning!), came across this from Decor8. Really brings back memories - as a child in the 70s, this particular cartoon - Barbapapas - really made a big impact in my mind. I've since asked my peers and even vic if he's as addicted as i was, but surprisingly, few people have watched it! Owell... here they are - although they're all in the un-dubbed french version. Still love the colours and the simplicity of it all...... :)

October 21, 2007

[shop update]

Finally there's a chance to take pictures of the new line of albums that i completed yesterday. I'm into anything plant like nowadays, the shapes are reminiscent of tree leaves, tree lines and lots of handstitched touches.

i love seeing them all stacked up like that - they look more like little pieces of artwork than album covers...
lots of yellows and greens...
: TEARDROPS : *my favorite! :)

: STAR : doesn't this one look faintly x-massy?
And a work in progress for a commissioned piece of work... :)

*more pics of the new albums in my SHOP after i'm done listing them!