October 23, 2007

[more crafting]

G's helped me add Kate's name onto the wall on their room - note the hole in the "e" is filled in - that was on G's insistence....This is a little "thank you" present for E who's so generously given me her stash of fabrics :) Hope she likes it! It's off in the post today....

*heh heh...now you know how to bag yourselves one of these albums - just send me your fabrics! :P*

On the scrapping front, i'm still anxiously waiting for my SOMO stuff to come in the post, the gallery is up though on the website and i'm always so amazed at the variety of LOs and projects that the DTs have come up with!

As i was browsing through my Bloglines (as i religiously do every morning!), came across this from Decor8. Really brings back memories - as a child in the 70s, this particular cartoon - Barbapapas - really made a big impact in my mind. I've since asked my peers and even vic if he's as addicted as i was, but surprisingly, few people have watched it! Owell... here they are - although they're all in the un-dubbed french version. Still love the colours and the simplicity of it all...... :)


Irene said...

Wow.. nice name for #2.
By the way, how you get the alphas up? U used paint? or stickers?
I can't seems to find them anywhere.

siti arnie said...

wow love the room
btw where do u get those alphas ?? are they stickers ?? even those doillie paper decorative look alike on the wall .. love it

Mel said...

that's so sweet of g!! and i've never watched that cartoon either. I (sadly) only remember watching Sesame Street when i was young!

Amelia said...

Wow! Sudden flashbacks... I totally remember that cartoon! /=D
Had forgotten about it until now. I remember being so intrigued by them too.

Pris said...

I was a Barbapapas fan!

just lisa said...

Congrats on you new little girl, Kate! You have two beautiful little girls.

I found your blog recently thru red velvet and love your albums - they are so gorgeous! I absolutely LOVE THEM!!

Enjoy you time with your girls and scrapbooking all about them. I have two daughters also, and love scrapbooking about them too.

elaine said...

dearie jacq,

loved spending that lazy sun afternoon with you, and G was especially cute asking me about my toe nails, and why i was so vain!!! i am so tempted to do a scrap of my toes just for her!!!

you take care, and see ya soon!

much love, laine

Natasja said...

Love that wall!!!

And don't you think all the OA dt girls need such a nice album?? Maybe with some nice Dutch oilily kinda like fabrics?!



Louloupi said...

I'm discovering your very nice blog...

And your beautifull family...

Happy new year

Louloupi ;-)