October 26, 2007


by marr

Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself:
1. I used to need to sleep with a bolster - for a sense of security perhaps - but every since G was born, i'm fine with just the pillow.

2. I love eating 'milo' neat from the tin - i sometimes also take 'nutella' neat from the bottle.

3. I get bored easily and need to be constantly multi-tasking, otherwise i feel that i'm wasting time :)

4. I would only drink 'kickapoo' (a fizzy lemonade drink) for a long while, when i was a kid, i would only drink fanta orange.

5. My favorite computer game by far is this obscure role playing game called "the neverhood"

6. I love snow and the magical way it transforms a landscape. i would love to reside in a country with 4 seasons.

7. i sometimes wish that i've pursued my passion in art as a career, it seems a more idyllic lifestyle somehow.

So, there! Done - that didn't take too long - now to tag 7 people i know... well, actually, i dun think i'd do that :) Whoever reads this and wants to be tagged - please feel free to consider yourself tagged and leave a comment!

O. lots of work in progress going on -
i agreed to hold a kiosk at a friend's carnival in december. However, whenever i sell my stuff at local outlets, i have this compulsion to make 'more affordable' (read : cheaper) works. I wonder if anybody has that same experience? The thing abt the market locally is that there is not an awareness of handmade goods. Anything made by hand is not given the same credibility and would often be sidestepped for the cheaper mass produced commercial products. I've been talking to a good friend and fellow crafter, who reckons we should keep to our pricing as that is the true indication of the time and effort spent on the product. But how would one explain that to somebody who claims $xx is way too much to spend on something that could be bought for half the price if it was mass produced. Owell, i suppose it does make me think out of the box for how i can make a better and less time-consuming product.
Here's a continuation of the current line of album covers with applique.
: LOVE :
the new range
Thanks to M for the idea of this new range and also for the scraps in the most recent batch of embroidered albums :)


* Dream Weaver * said...

YOur work is absolutely gorgeous :)
I love it.

Sue said...

Interesting that you should say that about the markets vs say online. I agree, I've been doing local markets for years with my quilting, scrapbooking embellishments incorporating fabrics, and fabric journal and album covers and I can never put the price that covers my time on them. I do it for the love of it and the fact that someone out there appreciates my hard work. If I was to put a "true" price on my work I don't think I would sell much at all. By the way, love your work, you inspire me to keep creating and thinking outside the square.

Morgan said...

Jacq, If I were you I don't think I'd alter anything for the fair your going to be in. I am sure your friend asked you because she is a huge fan of your work, I doubt she'd ask you if she didn't think your stuff would sell as is! There are always going to be cheap people out there, why do you think Wal-Mart is such a huge company... you just keep doing what you're doing and if no-one at the fair buys them there's more for your Etsy shop and people like me!! morganj99 (from LT)

Mel said...

lovely new line! I think particularly in our culture, it's so much easier and so convenient to just say "let's buy it" instead of make it cos there are so many choices out there, and we've got so many demands on our time. But once you've tried making something, nothing quite beats the thrill of it? :) and i hope/think it'll count for something down the road, when our kids see us doing something with our hands...

Jenn said...

lovely new line... lovin it... and sincerely they are very beautiful!!!

Eve said...

Gaelle has talk about you and I discover your blog !
I love it !!!!
You make wonderfull and so cute Mini albums !!!
Kiss ;)