October 05, 2007

[my new line]

Completed 4 album covers today so i'm feeling pretty accomplished! heh heh... yup. the baby's still not out yet, we'll be seeing the doc tmrw morning so we'll know for sure when she'll be out.
G's much better now, we spent the day together doing all sorts of stuff including some 'rubons'. She's a lot more precocious now and the things she says really makes me wonder where she gets it from - until the next time i realise i say the same things! :P
Here's the new line -

Love the colours in this range - thanks to E and M for the fabrics :)
More pics of the albums HERE. (erm, not all up yet.. most likely will be done in a few days!)


Scrappermania said...

Really just!

Yu'er said...

wow,great works

E said...

Hi! Love what you did to the fabrics - lovely!!

* Dream Weaver * said...

Love your albums.
Really nice :)

RachelDenbow said...