October 26, 2007

[crazy crafting mum]

K's just let me put her down into her cot to sleep. I guess the 1st week's worth of sleep was due to all that getting used to the outside world! This week she's been much more awake, drifting in and out of sleep in the mornings and wide awake just before everybody sleeps at nite!
Sleeping on her tummy while i catch up on my emails

tiny little bum bum :)
This last 3 weeks of confinement have been great, a taste of being a stay at home mum (with lots of help!) a chance to see how G's like after school and being there for her the whole afternoon, time to pursue my online shop and do other crafty things i've been meaning to do. But one thing i really missed was spending time with V. I guess working together all these years, we've taken for granted the time that we spend together, the easy companionship and conversations that we engage in the whole day. Last nite, i realised how much i miss that as we finally had to time to sit down together, talk abt design, work, trivial stuff..... it's so great to just talk sometimes!
A little baby album that i just posted off today - will post the inside pics once i get the go ahead from the recipient :)
*it's great to wake up in the mornings to a new sale!
I'm now in the process of cutting up more patterns for a new line that i'm making - a cheaper line probably... but we'll see :)


Mel said...

those pictures are just so adorable!

Marr said...

She's soo sweet. Sleeping so sweetly. :)

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Natasja said...

Awww she is so cute!!!!