March 28, 2007

[in the Top 10]

Gosh! i literally jumped out of bed this morning to check my emails - to see the results from the MMidol contest! :) i'm super duper thrilled to find out i'm progressing on to the next stage!! :) How incredible..... i'm now in the Top 10!
So sad to see the 5 go, i really liked all their entries - even V commented that this round everybody's stuff 'really got standard'.... haha....
Thanks everybody for the votes! Now it's back to the drawing boards for me!

March 26, 2007

[mmidol Round #4]

As promised - here's what i've submitted for the MMidol Round #4!

I've always wanted to use the leftover negatives of chipboard alphas for something - that was the inspiration for this centrepiece. Together with those yummy felt flowers from AC & nice prima flowers, and lots of little spots of sparkly-ness and pearls. Just right as a centrepiece for a lazy afternoon of girlie talk! :)

when we get together, we often forget who's wine glasses they were - not that it mattered! but i thought a wine glass fob will be cool - any excuse to carry on with the pearls and jewels! :) These are also detachable, so they double up as bag fobs and party favors.

Finally, what will a party be without a fun invite! Here's to my girlfriends for the inspiration, the laughter and the fun we've had all these years! Consider yourself invited anytime!!! :)

now for the blurb : please head over to HERE to cast those votes!!! :)

[it's a Hoot!]

Heh heh..... again i fell asleep at 9pm last nite! BUT - i managed to wake myself up due to my incessant coughing - at around midnite. i was so inspired by this tutorial that i just HAD to finish up this little solemn cutie! he's a bit plump, so i'm going to adjust the pattern slightly when i do my next one.
Anyways, here is Owl #1 :

So cute he's totally worth sleeping at 2.30am for!!! :)

March 25, 2007

[new beginnings]

Admidst all the changes in our lives recently - G going into kindie, vic & me stopping our 'regular' work (yup! last friday was my last day at the office!!), there's another big news that i've been holding back from my blog site *insert drum roll* - G will have a little baby brother / sister by the end of this year!!!!! :)
Yups, i've been really tired and sleepy and not at all productive on the scrapping front - cos i'm now 11 weeks preggies. It's totally different from my 1st pregnancy, which was pretty much smooth sailing from Day 01. In fact, i didn't even 'feel' pregnant until i was in my 20th week! Nope, not this time - from about 2 weeks, i've been feeling bloated, tired and sleepy all day long. Then from the 6th week onwards, the morning sickness lasted the whole day through, everyday, 24/7. The only time i didn't feel ill was when i was eating or sleeping! :P Well, the only comfort is that research has shown that the more MS you feel, the higher the HCG levels, which means that the foetus is thriving. YUP! it definately is a tenacious one, this time round - if the MS is anything to go by!!
So, now that the secret is out - i'll be posting more 'preggie gouchies'.... *just kidding*

This weekend hasn't just been abt celebrating my new work status, it was also finishing up MMidol's Challenge #4! It was really fun doing it and i hope the pictures do them justice! Now- how to streamline my 50 pics to just 3????

Posting it tonite! Watch this space!! (heehee always wanted to say that)

March 21, 2007

[thank you for the votes]

thanks to everybody who has voted for me! i'm into the next round!!! it's pretty incredible and i'm still recovering from the pure jubilation of it! imagine, lil ole me..... to be still a contestant after this round of massive elimination.
a BIG THANK YOU to all of you that believed in me!!!!! :)

March 20, 2007

[my little kindie princess]

It's G's 2nd day at kindie class. She hasn't really been playing with the rest of the kids, and the teacher reassures us that is pretty normal behavior for a 2-yr old. They are more into solitary play. Which is what G did today at kindie. But i'm really proud of her - she waved goodbye to me and vic after just 15min of arriving at school. She proudly put her bag into the cubby hole, and then went off to play with the teacher! it suddenly struck me how fast my little baby has grown - she's now a little girl, able to make her needs and wants known, able to interact all by herself. I'm both proud and teary at the same time!
Here are the pics:

isn't the uniform a little cutie!!! heehee :) it comes with dark blue bloomers too!

March 18, 2007

[brand new week]

Tomorrow will be a start of new routines, new timetables, a new chapter in our lives.

1st off - Gracie starts Kindie!!!! :) she's been looking forward to the day that she'll be able to attend 'real school' - just like her big sister E. she'll be spending 3 hrs every morning at the kindergarten run by a church, near my parents place, so it's within walking distance if she feels like it's too much. I'm hoping that she'll enjoy it, but we'll take it one day at a time.
my good friend S remarked that G is the most advanced and matured 2 yr old that she's every come across. i often worry if somehow we've inadvertently missed out on her baby-ness, she's growing up too fast and has gotten too percocious for her age. i hope this doesn't mean that she'll not be able to fit into her social age group when she starts school.... sigh, but it's still many more years, and i live in the comfort of knowing that kids adapt much better than we give them credit for!

2nd change in our routine - vic's last day at the office was last friday. This means that he'll be mainly working from home. so i'll have to take public transport to the office! it might not sound like fun to you, but i'm relishing those half hour journeys - catching up on my latest novel, just spacing out.... :)

Finally, i've completed MMidol #3 challenge. It all started very well as a great idea, but then the week just FLEW by! and i balked at the sheer amount of work it'll take to get this project off the ground. But i'm glad i stook by my guts and am pretty proud of the final result.
(wat do you think? any chance? heehee....) please remember to visit HERE to vote!!! :) (i think from abt 9pm monday to abt 7am wed our time)
the idea was inspired by colour swatches - u know those paint swatches? these are individual tag albums, one for each month.
each of the tag albums are colour coded - yellow for Jan, blue for Feb, red for Mar, black for Apr, brown for May & pink for Jun
each album contains 5 pics, 10 note tags, lots of stickers and ribbons
usually showcasing one single event - March is for G's 2nd bday.
Feb is for Chinese New Year and some lovey dovey shots! :)

March 14, 2007

[in round #3!]

Thank you all that have voted - I'm so pleased that out of all the awesome entries in the last challenges - i've got enough votes to go onto the next round!!! :)
Well, the challenges are getting tougher and tougher.
Things that G has been saying/doing lately -
1. pretending to give mummy medicine from her books - "mummy please eat the medicine then after that mummy will feel much better!"
2. talking in full sentences - "because i'm scared of the wire monster, so i step one step back and go away from it!"
3. being very attentive to little things around her - "why did daddy change the wheels" (this was said the first time she saw the new wheels); "O i got a new pillow and a new bolster" (when the sheets were changed); "why does terence not have any eyebrows and thomas and percy has eyebrows" (this is abt her new toy train set)
4. exclamations! - like "whoa - daddy has so much money!" (when opening v's coin compartment) "hor!" and "lor!" and "mah!" - colloquail terms which we try not to say in front of her, but she picks up anyhow.

March 13, 2007

[mmidol Round #2]

Yay! The MMidol website is up again! All the entries are now able to be viewed. I must say, the contest is getting tougher and tougher!
The criteria for this round was -
They were challenged to tap into their inner child and design a project that they could create with a little one. This means simple and easy, yet creative as can be. They were asked to try and make something clever and fresh that can be put to use or go on display following a play date, in the home, jewelry, party d├ęcor, etc. It was up to them from there.

Haha.... So, i've been wanting to document all of G's sketches for some time now, also, she's very much into drawing her own hands and feet. What transpired was we sketched onto a piece of raw linen, she even did some stamping! And after that, i took it away to embroider. That became an album cover for the A-Z album i made some time ago.

So, Please vote for me HERE

March 10, 2007


heehee.... mummy made a bit of a boo boo and cut G's hair a bit too short! :) What do you think? i kindof like the way it emphasizes her eyebrows and eyes.....

March 07, 2007

[sneakie peekie]

a little sneak preview of the work i've done with this month's SOMO kit - i never thought i would say this - but the bright and cheery colours of the AC pps, the brilliant buttons, the wonderful girlie frills - have turned me into a bright colour convert! :) this from someone who used to spurn AC pps like the plague.... never knowing wat to use them for!!!
Heehee, check out the full gallery here:

now i'm off to crack my brain abt mmidol round 2 challenge! :)

[*ding ding ding* ROUND 2!!!]

A HUGE thank you to everybody who voted for me!!!! Your vote has put me into the Top 30! On to the next round of the MMIdol contest..... now i'm just waiting for the next project and it's another round of voting next Monday - Tues! :) Woohoo!!!!


March 05, 2007

[it's up! again!! :)]

Hi everybody! Yup, the mmidol site is up again - due to technical glitches, the last round of votes were all scrapped :( bummer! owell, so here we go again! If you have the time -please go here to vote! :) thanks so much!!!

March 04, 2007

[happy 2nd bday]

my little baby is 2 - how time flies! she's now a proper little girl - she sings her little tunes all day long, holds intelligent conversations, make belief play in her little toy kitchen, 'reads' out loud from her many storybooks.... she's sooo different from that little baby just a few months ago!
I miss her cute chubby cheeks of yesteryear, yet, i'm always constantly amazed and amused by the speed which she's growing - both mentally and physically. What she found impossible just a few weeks ago, she's begun to master and with great dexterity. Some are greeted with Yays! - like feeding herself with the spoon, announcing her 'poops'! Some not so welcome - like jumping over the sofa and climbing all over the furniture, tiptoeing and being able to checkout previously 'non-visible' surfaces - thus discovering a WHOLE new territory to explore and invade!!
She's a darling and we're soo glad she's ours :) happy birthday to our sweet little G...

some delish rolls from 'the rich and good cake shop' (how apt!!!)

opening the pressies
little artist :)
more pressies

little miss cake face....

will post more in the next post! A big THANK YOU to all those that attended her birthday party - you all made the day incredibly special. We loved the company, the laughter and the family-ness of it all! :)

[more DT LOs]

Had some time this weekend, in between getting stuff for G's little bday party on Sunday afternoon. I think i was quite productive, these were what i did:

More ZingBoom goodness:

More Daisy D pps used for 2 DT kits - Scrappintrends & Scrapdango:

I've another lot of DT assignments due tomorrow... after G sleeps, i'll be burning the midnite oil :)
BUT! the mojo should be flowing - cos check out the YUMMY kit this month!!! SOMO

March 02, 2007

[my Zingboom nite]

G has been up and down with high fever, poor thing... the temperature hovered around the high 38 - 39. The funny thing abt her, is that even at 2am, with a fever of 39.5, this little madam was prancing around the house, singing her favorite song, climbing up and down the sofa! I stayed home yesterday, brought her to the pead and it was a relief to know it wasn't a bacterial infection. The fever finally subsided last night, and she's back to normal temperature today.

Thanks to my parents that came over to babysit, i was able to go to the post office to collect my parcel. It's the fabulous March Kit from zingBoomkits couldn't wait to get my hands on them! So, after G's gone to bed, i was really proud to pull myself out of bed at 11.30 and created these!
aren't the owl's darling!!! :) and my fav embellishment now - those stickers!!! :)

March 01, 2007

[mm idol update]

First of all, thank you everybody who has been trying to vote for me and had so much trouble!
Unfortunately, the MMidol website has a lot of technical glitches since the Monday's voting timeframe. So, in order for it to be fair for everybody, MM has decided for the voting to restart again on Monday 5th March. Also, all the previous votes will be null.... so PLEASE vote again!!!!

Here's my entry: