March 13, 2007

[mmidol Round #2]

Yay! The MMidol website is up again! All the entries are now able to be viewed. I must say, the contest is getting tougher and tougher!
The criteria for this round was -
They were challenged to tap into their inner child and design a project that they could create with a little one. This means simple and easy, yet creative as can be. They were asked to try and make something clever and fresh that can be put to use or go on display following a play date, in the home, jewelry, party d├ęcor, etc. It was up to them from there.

Haha.... So, i've been wanting to document all of G's sketches for some time now, also, she's very much into drawing her own hands and feet. What transpired was we sketched onto a piece of raw linen, she even did some stamping! And after that, i took it away to embroider. That became an album cover for the A-Z album i made some time ago.

So, Please vote for me HERE


lialuvsblythes said...

Thx for sharing your project with us the other day - so gorgeous, so inspiring! Love it to bits!

meta-lodestar said...

Love this cover! It's so really pretty! really embodies the essence of child directed/created work! All the best with MM round 2! :D

*~*Amber*~* said...

I love love this!!! So presh!

flyingmichelle said...

you so have my vote.
watch out round you come!