March 04, 2007

[happy 2nd bday]

my little baby is 2 - how time flies! she's now a proper little girl - she sings her little tunes all day long, holds intelligent conversations, make belief play in her little toy kitchen, 'reads' out loud from her many storybooks.... she's sooo different from that little baby just a few months ago!
I miss her cute chubby cheeks of yesteryear, yet, i'm always constantly amazed and amused by the speed which she's growing - both mentally and physically. What she found impossible just a few weeks ago, she's begun to master and with great dexterity. Some are greeted with Yays! - like feeding herself with the spoon, announcing her 'poops'! Some not so welcome - like jumping over the sofa and climbing all over the furniture, tiptoeing and being able to checkout previously 'non-visible' surfaces - thus discovering a WHOLE new territory to explore and invade!!
She's a darling and we're soo glad she's ours :) happy birthday to our sweet little G...

some delish rolls from 'the rich and good cake shop' (how apt!!!)

opening the pressies
little artist :)
more pressies

little miss cake face....

will post more in the next post! A big THANK YOU to all those that attended her birthday party - you all made the day incredibly special. We loved the company, the laughter and the family-ness of it all! :)

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Irene said...

Happy Birthday to Gracie!