March 20, 2007

[my little kindie princess]

It's G's 2nd day at kindie class. She hasn't really been playing with the rest of the kids, and the teacher reassures us that is pretty normal behavior for a 2-yr old. They are more into solitary play. Which is what G did today at kindie. But i'm really proud of her - she waved goodbye to me and vic after just 15min of arriving at school. She proudly put her bag into the cubby hole, and then went off to play with the teacher! it suddenly struck me how fast my little baby has grown - she's now a little girl, able to make her needs and wants known, able to interact all by herself. I'm both proud and teary at the same time!
Here are the pics:

isn't the uniform a little cutie!!! heehee :) it comes with dark blue bloomers too!


Mel said...

she looks like she's doing great, and what a cute uniform!

meta-lodestar said...

Oh!! this 'ku-ku' also very proud of my little niece :D she really grew up fast! Cute uniform by the way!

Irene said...

Gracie is so brave. Nice Uniform.

Lina said...

Cute uniform! It's so heartening to see them begin a new stage in their lives! Congrats!

courtney said...

oh the uniforms ADORABLE.

sososo sweet -

been voting for you :)


lialuvsblythes said...

so cute! She's got a buddy!