March 07, 2007

[sneakie peekie]

a little sneak preview of the work i've done with this month's SOMO kit - i never thought i would say this - but the bright and cheery colours of the AC pps, the brilliant buttons, the wonderful girlie frills - have turned me into a bright colour convert! :) this from someone who used to spurn AC pps like the plague.... never knowing wat to use them for!!!
Heehee, check out the full gallery here:

now i'm off to crack my brain abt mmidol round 2 challenge! :)


the dreamer said...

Hi, this is cbpatena from TwoPeas. My name is Nina, 28 years old, and I'm a stay-at-home mom to almost-3-year-old Matt.

Just wanted to say hi and thanks for viewing my layout at TwoPeas.

Gorgeous blog you have and good luck at the Making Memories Idol contest. =)

jacQ said...

hi nina! :) thanks for dropping by my blog too!!!

*~*Amber*~* said...

Gosh... so beautimous!! Love the sneekys!! xoxo