March 18, 2007

[brand new week]

Tomorrow will be a start of new routines, new timetables, a new chapter in our lives.

1st off - Gracie starts Kindie!!!! :) she's been looking forward to the day that she'll be able to attend 'real school' - just like her big sister E. she'll be spending 3 hrs every morning at the kindergarten run by a church, near my parents place, so it's within walking distance if she feels like it's too much. I'm hoping that she'll enjoy it, but we'll take it one day at a time.
my good friend S remarked that G is the most advanced and matured 2 yr old that she's every come across. i often worry if somehow we've inadvertently missed out on her baby-ness, she's growing up too fast and has gotten too percocious for her age. i hope this doesn't mean that she'll not be able to fit into her social age group when she starts school.... sigh, but it's still many more years, and i live in the comfort of knowing that kids adapt much better than we give them credit for!

2nd change in our routine - vic's last day at the office was last friday. This means that he'll be mainly working from home. so i'll have to take public transport to the office! it might not sound like fun to you, but i'm relishing those half hour journeys - catching up on my latest novel, just spacing out.... :)

Finally, i've completed MMidol #3 challenge. It all started very well as a great idea, but then the week just FLEW by! and i balked at the sheer amount of work it'll take to get this project off the ground. But i'm glad i stook by my guts and am pretty proud of the final result.
(wat do you think? any chance? heehee....) please remember to visit HERE to vote!!! :) (i think from abt 9pm monday to abt 7am wed our time)
the idea was inspired by colour swatches - u know those paint swatches? these are individual tag albums, one for each month.
each of the tag albums are colour coded - yellow for Jan, blue for Feb, red for Mar, black for Apr, brown for May & pink for Jun
each album contains 5 pics, 10 note tags, lots of stickers and ribbons
usually showcasing one single event - March is for G's 2nd bday.
Feb is for Chinese New Year and some lovey dovey shots! :)


meta-lodestar said...

Hope G enjoys herself in school tomorrow! More pics to scrap once she starts school - new uniform, new experiences! The tags look lovely! Wow! How much time did you spend on them? Good luck with MMI round 3!

Siti Arnie said...

WOW I love what u have done, u mind if i 'copy' the idea, that is if i have the time
anyway it sme siti from the class... enjoyed ur class

lialuvsblythes said...

oooooo ... love your project - gorgeous!

I hope Gracie has a good day too!

ScrapScene said...

Love you little colour swatches - so cute!

Mel said...


pamelatang, singapore said...

absolutely love these tags!! Again, you've created something unique and exquisite!! xo

Irene said...

Nice work!

Cami said...

What a great project you did for MM Idol...good luck tonight!

ET said...

Hi Jac, just found your blog by chance, and love reading it! I simply love your LOs and projects - really nice! I started scrapbooking slightly more than a year ago, but it was recently that I've gone into it full force and your creations are an inspiration to me. Hope to learn a thing or two from them. Keep up the good work!