March 14, 2007

[in round #3!]

Thank you all that have voted - I'm so pleased that out of all the awesome entries in the last challenges - i've got enough votes to go onto the next round!!! :)
Well, the challenges are getting tougher and tougher.
Things that G has been saying/doing lately -
1. pretending to give mummy medicine from her books - "mummy please eat the medicine then after that mummy will feel much better!"
2. talking in full sentences - "because i'm scared of the wire monster, so i step one step back and go away from it!"
3. being very attentive to little things around her - "why did daddy change the wheels" (this was said the first time she saw the new wheels); "O i got a new pillow and a new bolster" (when the sheets were changed); "why does terence not have any eyebrows and thomas and percy has eyebrows" (this is abt her new toy train set)
4. exclamations! - like "whoa - daddy has so much money!" (when opening v's coin compartment) "hor!" and "lor!" and "mah!" - colloquail terms which we try not to say in front of her, but she picks up anyhow.

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