December 30, 2007

[what i like most abt xmas...]

...are the post xmas sales!! :P heh heh, once a shopaholic, always a shopaholic. So, while we took an extended lunch yesterday, i managed to get these from my LSS:
i know i know, i shouldn't be buying anymore, but with 40% off how can i resist! best buys had to be the MM scalloped albums & dotliner refills - heh....
Been experimenting with creating little embroidered artwork. This one is adapted from G's drawings of stick people. if you look closely, the vertical line above the blobs are 'hair' - she'll usually draw an extra long line for mummy and quite a short one for daddy. :)

another more restrained scalloped edged one. i kinda like the quadrant, might do a few more to complete the set!
close up... :)
this is G this morning - she looks so grownup! Can you believe she's not even 3 yet!!!

K chattering away - this one is a talker!
love that slogan on her t-shirt - that's all she does btw -everything's gotta be done 'HER WAY'!
and lastly, finishing up a customised blankie for a customer :)
all wrapped up and ready to be posted!

December 27, 2007

[back at work]

I'm now back in the office..... it's been a slow day, trying to get back into the routines of work instead of entertaining the girl/s at home. It was a pretty stressful time for my mum, who had to struggle with K rejecting the bottle and crying her little heart out for me (or rather, my milk) It's heartwrenching to hear her cry and i hope she gets better at the bottle. It was our fault as G was so easy with the bottle we kinda assumed it would be the same for K and didn't start introducing the bottle till only abt 1 week before i started work, and only in small doses at that. :( Anybody with a similar experience and any tips to share?

Been busy crafting still - finally completed the custom order of 3 photo album covers :

I borrowed this book from the library and will be doing some embroidered artwork over next week :)

trying out some illustrations :) these are done with a mixture of sketching, scanning and photoshopping :)

December 25, 2007

[merry xmas!]

My macbook is back!!! yay..... well, sans data of course, the good thing is that it works tons faster now! :P
How was everybody's xmas? In this household, cos both our families are non-religious, we don't really celebrate xmas in the traditional sense. For G, xmas has been all about presents.
But, i'll spare you post after post of Thomas the train sets..... so, being totally narcissistic, these are MY pressies:
Really nice leather purse from HERE
A fabulous vintage sewing machine necklace :) from HERE
my nuala bag! :) thanks to sil for giving us the heads up on the sale!! :)

okok, so i'll also post some of the girls pics......
cute little M...
G :)
G&M - i love how they both chose to sit next to each other and can actually understand what the other was talking about!
V (and K snoozing in the background)
haha, angry mummy?

All photos at HOUSE (yup, we went there AGAIN, and nope we don't have shares in that place!) with a f1.4 fixed lens courtesy of the Tays (drool..... i really really really want one now.....)


December 23, 2007

[moleskine fever]

Okay, i might have gone into crafty overdrive with these :) You know how things are like - i cut out the pattern, then manage to sell them. So i go cut out a dozen more of the patterns! Plus they're really fun to make and i keep wanting to try out new designs. Anyways, here are the pics:
Here's the finished orders all packed up and ready to go! :)
Notebooks all stacked up
The pink series
The brown (more manly?) series
more pics
my fav of the lot
A little baby blankie i'm making for a friend's newborn
The finished blankie
All rolled up. So nice i'm making another one for the shop! :)
A BIG THANK YOU to auntie pam who gave K the most wonderful pressie - a really cool linen pinafore with handstitched details. Check out her work HERE, she really makes the most wonderful stuff. I love all the little details and the workmanship is exquisite!!! Makes me want to unpick all my stitches and start all over again! :)

A really happy and chubby little baby playing with daddy :) ah..... the life!

December 20, 2007

[missing my laptop]

It's amazing how bereft i feel without my laptop with me. It's almost as if an indispensable part of my life has been taken away. Now i'm just relying on my little mobile phone to check emails and look at my daily websites. But a 5" screen can only show so much. Sigh.... i'm hoping i get the laptop back before xmas.
Anyways, i'm feeling very much a mother right now - with 2 little delightful girls, spending all my waking moments with them (erm, except now when it's almost 2am and i'm typing here in the dark on my dh's computer all by myself) It's so heartwarming to hear G exclaim every morning that she LOVES me and would rather spend the day with me than anywhere else! :)
Been busy crafting while the girls sleep too! Here's what i made today.

Don't you just love to break into new fabric? These are all moleskine covers and i'm including in them blank notebooks (not moleskine unfortunately). They are really handy for carting around in your purse and make great little gifts! Listing them all up in my SHOP by the end of tonite... i hope!
another pic of miss K smiling :)
Love my pressies all wrapped up under the tree (yup, i haven't gotten round to making up that skirt for the tree yet!)
random shot of my happy trees on the xmas tree!
G and her crazy dance! :) To the tune of 10 little indian boys.

December 18, 2007

[HAPPY trees]

Made a lot more of these:
They are all now listed in the SHOP.

and managed to catch the 2 girls showing some sisterly affection:
buttoning up K's jumper for her.
look at the 2 of them! :)

love this shot! :)
K's getting very big now!! :) G's trying to carry her....