December 09, 2007

[weekend crafty]

Did 2 bible covers this weekend - a commissioned piece for my sil :) and another a xmas pressie for good friend S (o, S, if you're reading, look away now!).
Here they are:

1st-ly, the commissioned piece for SIL's good friend S:
this is the lavender filled heart-shaped bookmark sachet. O! n my iron on fabric labels have arrived!
The personalised cover :)
Hope she'll like it!

2nd-ly, this is for S (she and her dh co-own a mushroom farm, so the mushroom motif on the fabric is ideal!)
all in sunny yellow colours!
personalised bookmark filled with lavender

my aunt brought over some lavender sachets, which i'm going to personalise and put up on my shop :)
Love this picture of the 2 girls, look at how K is smiling at G :)
Just went to the pediatrician yesterday - K's now 6.4kg and 60cm. Almost twice her weight and 8cm longer! :) She's doing well.... and babbling away now....
the twinkly lights.
caught her smiling! :)
love her look :)


Marr said...

K so grown up! :D wonderful photos to scrap. :)

Anonymous said...

My goodness - the bible covers are so pretty!! I simply love visiting your blog - so much inspiration for me to sew & scrap!! :)
elaine t

IrEnE said...

K look so cute and G is so sweet.

Scrappermania said...

The covers are so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I love all your creations : scrap and handcraft ! It's really amazing ! ;-)