December 04, 2007

['G says' - the lavender series]

What better way to immortalise those 'awww' sayings by your litte one then putting them onto these lavender stuffed scented bags. To forever fill your heart with love (when they're making you tear our hair out in rage) and to fill your bags/homes/closets with the sweet smell of lavender.

Made these today and stuffed them with the dried lavender from here. my home now smells divine! "cranky for you" now joins another lavender satchet i made for V all those years ago in his work bag. The rest will be going up onto my shop by tonight... (do email me or drop me a comment if you'd like a personalised saying one for the xmas hols!)

xmas is coming, i've a feeling everybody's getting handmade gifts this year! :P
a little collage artwork i put together some time ago. looks a lot more 'arty' in a shadowbox frame :)
We got our tree up and G's helping me put on the ornaments for the 1st time! :) (last year she just wanted to pull all the baubles off)
K slumbering on, totally oblivious to the shrill squeals and prancing around of her older sibling.


Scrappy Days said...

Oh i love the lavender series!! And K is looking more and more like your dh! Cant wait to see her!

Lori Jolley said...

What a sweet idea! I just love your blog! You have the cutest girls! And so many fun ideas!!

Anonymous said...

love the collage!!!