December 23, 2007

[moleskine fever]

Okay, i might have gone into crafty overdrive with these :) You know how things are like - i cut out the pattern, then manage to sell them. So i go cut out a dozen more of the patterns! Plus they're really fun to make and i keep wanting to try out new designs. Anyways, here are the pics:
Here's the finished orders all packed up and ready to go! :)
Notebooks all stacked up
The pink series
The brown (more manly?) series
more pics
my fav of the lot
A little baby blankie i'm making for a friend's newborn
The finished blankie
All rolled up. So nice i'm making another one for the shop! :)
A BIG THANK YOU to auntie pam who gave K the most wonderful pressie - a really cool linen pinafore with handstitched details. Check out her work HERE, she really makes the most wonderful stuff. I love all the little details and the workmanship is exquisite!!! Makes me want to unpick all my stitches and start all over again! :)

A really happy and chubby little baby playing with daddy :) ah..... the life!


lialuvsblythes said...

Ooooo ... those covers are gorgeous, Jacq! I love love that blanket too, looks so snuggly! Will you make me one when I have a babe too? keke!

Shaz said...

you are absolutely talented! never seen anything like this. Love them! I have always wanted to make a fabric book/album for my kids. To add pics and kids artwork. You are such an inspiration!

jacQ said...

heh heh, lia, sure!!! are you about to have one soon ? :P