December 20, 2007

[missing my laptop]

It's amazing how bereft i feel without my laptop with me. It's almost as if an indispensable part of my life has been taken away. Now i'm just relying on my little mobile phone to check emails and look at my daily websites. But a 5" screen can only show so much. Sigh.... i'm hoping i get the laptop back before xmas.
Anyways, i'm feeling very much a mother right now - with 2 little delightful girls, spending all my waking moments with them (erm, except now when it's almost 2am and i'm typing here in the dark on my dh's computer all by myself) It's so heartwarming to hear G exclaim every morning that she LOVES me and would rather spend the day with me than anywhere else! :)
Been busy crafting while the girls sleep too! Here's what i made today.

Don't you just love to break into new fabric? These are all moleskine covers and i'm including in them blank notebooks (not moleskine unfortunately). They are really handy for carting around in your purse and make great little gifts! Listing them all up in my SHOP by the end of tonite... i hope!
another pic of miss K smiling :)
Love my pressies all wrapped up under the tree (yup, i haven't gotten round to making up that skirt for the tree yet!)
random shot of my happy trees on the xmas tree!
G and her crazy dance! :) To the tune of 10 little indian boys.

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meta-lodestar said...

love the colours in the new range of fabric covers!!