December 25, 2007

[merry xmas!]

My macbook is back!!! yay..... well, sans data of course, the good thing is that it works tons faster now! :P
How was everybody's xmas? In this household, cos both our families are non-religious, we don't really celebrate xmas in the traditional sense. For G, xmas has been all about presents.
But, i'll spare you post after post of Thomas the train sets..... so, being totally narcissistic, these are MY pressies:
Really nice leather purse from HERE
A fabulous vintage sewing machine necklace :) from HERE
my nuala bag! :) thanks to sil for giving us the heads up on the sale!! :)

okok, so i'll also post some of the girls pics......
cute little M...
G :)
G&M - i love how they both chose to sit next to each other and can actually understand what the other was talking about!
V (and K snoozing in the background)
haha, angry mummy?

All photos at HOUSE (yup, we went there AGAIN, and nope we don't have shares in that place!) with a f1.4 fixed lens courtesy of the Tays (drool..... i really really really want one now.....)


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