December 18, 2007

[send me some apple love]

Boohoo, my apple has died! Just sent it into the service centre today, they said that since it's a hard disk failure, the data will most likely be lost. I've backed up quite religiously, but i think only managed to do that till K's 5th week pictures. Which means around 500 or so pictures are not backed - upped? :( Owell, i'm resigned to the fact that they're lost... sigh...
Anyways, some updates on what's been happening - had a great brunch at House again! This time with a different group of friends - we all met in London when we're studying/working there and met up quite regularly once we all got back to singapore. Unfortunately, it has been almost 1 yr since we last met! (life just passes by too quickly!!) It was a relaxing sunday spent catching up on everybody's life - career, love and otherwise - and hopefully the next time we meet would be sooner than in 1 yr's time!
Grrrr.... blogger is not letting me post pics! Check them out on my facebook site - HERE
O and i've been crafting too!
Here's my new stuff - (also on facebook) - HERE

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Mel said...

apple love going your way!