December 13, 2007

[caught on film]

If only days like these could be packaged - the bright sunlight streaming through the bedroom window, the wonderful smell of freshly bathed babes, the enthusiastic and totally riveting conversations with the tot and the accompanying babbling of the newborn, the feeling of genuine contentment, of being thankful to be blessed with such beautiful children. The next best thing - to document each and every moment in pictures and eventually in little keepsake pages :)

love these smiles - K's smiling at us all the time now :)

an impromptu self-timer shot - see K's little feet? heh
Sneak of the december kit for this month's Label Tulip. I absolutely love the colours in this kit! They are the sort of rusty krafty deep colours that make you want to bring out your woolies and snuggle under the covers! :P


Melissa said...

Hi. Your kids are beautiful! Deep autumn colors are my favorite too.

Scrappermania said...

Tu nena es hermosa!!! me encanta su sonrisa!!!

Creative B Bee said...

K is more looks like you.

Chrissy Le said...

Your girls are so cute!! Look how K has grown!! Makes me want another!!! Wahhh! :)

Thank you for the cool LT peekie!!!

meta-lodestar said...

ohmy! K has certain grown a lot! :D Just adore her smiles!

the dreamer said...

Hi, Jacq. Just wanted to say I ALWAYS look forward to your work at Label Tulip and Story of My Own. You are so inspiring. =)

And how cute are your kids! =) Hope you are having a great holiday season.


Natasja said...

owwwww such cute pictures!!