December 03, 2007

[G outing]

Today's the 1st time i'm driving out with G all by myself. I've driven with the kids before, but usually with grandparents in the same car. We both enjoyed ourselves, even though it was just a little errand to the post office. G's the best co-pilot, reminding me to lock the car doors, stop at red lights and warning me if i'm too close to the car in front. After that, she kept saying 'mummy, i love you, please bring me out like that next time ok? just you and me'... awww so cute.
And i've got my gallery up at SOMO. the december kit looks absolutely scrumptious! :)


meta-lodestar said...

hi, somehow every little experience seems a big one isn't it? G is just so adorable... when she's being adorable :D

Creative B Bee said...

Its "golden moment" to rememeber!