December 11, 2007

[fulltime mum]

I've been very fortunate that my dear parents (and inlaws) are looking after the kids and this has allowed me to pursue a fulltime, sometimes 80-hr week career. Today's the first time i'm experiencing life as a fulltime stay at home mum with 2 kids. It's now 245pm and it's only now that i get to sit at my computer and catch up on emails, reading blogs, chat a little online. If i'm lucky, i might even be able to squeeze in some magazine reading time before G wakes from her nap:) Really admire all you fulltime mums out there, who look after their kids 24-7 and still have time to craft! What i find great about having 2-as opposed to 1) is that they do entertain each other quite a bit. K is fascinated with looking at G and likewise, G is charmed when her antics provoke a coo or babble from K. I'm told it gets even better when they're older and don't need tat much personal attention!
So, what do i do when i'm at home alone with my 2 girls? Take lots of pics of course!! :P
G 'allowed' K to wear this polka dot shirt - a fav of hers as there are many pictures of her in it all around the house :P
A blurry pic of K smiling
Doing a yoko ono and john lennon shot
Screaming for me to stop taking pics :)
So thrilled to be featured at this website - BLOESEM - she's got great gift ideas and i love her daily posts on design and interesting stuff :)

In other news - i'm going to start another series of scented lavender sachets - influenced by this really cool line of fabric (yup, they don't sell overseas :( ) Perhaps sew some dresses from my pattern book :)

Meanwhile, i better start looking for some cookie recipes - i promised G we'll be making heartshaped ones when she wakes up!


meta-lodestar said...

I *heart* all the photos!! Thank you for the mid-day lightup to see my nieces enjoying each other's company. & i can see your toes peeking out in the yoko ono picture. hehe :D

Mel said...

u can get that fabric from the US sites we normally shop at!