December 27, 2007

[back at work]

I'm now back in the office..... it's been a slow day, trying to get back into the routines of work instead of entertaining the girl/s at home. It was a pretty stressful time for my mum, who had to struggle with K rejecting the bottle and crying her little heart out for me (or rather, my milk) It's heartwrenching to hear her cry and i hope she gets better at the bottle. It was our fault as G was so easy with the bottle we kinda assumed it would be the same for K and didn't start introducing the bottle till only abt 1 week before i started work, and only in small doses at that. :( Anybody with a similar experience and any tips to share?

Been busy crafting still - finally completed the custom order of 3 photo album covers :

I borrowed this book from the library and will be doing some embroidered artwork over next week :)

trying out some illustrations :) these are done with a mixture of sketching, scanning and photoshopping :)


Irene said...

Wow..time flies, you are back at work already.
As for bottle rejection, it happens to my colleague. End up, she needs to go home during lunch time to feed the baby, cos the baby simply do not want to drink from the bottle.
Another way to help her drink a bit, if try to spoonfeed her, at least she will get to drink something.

bbhome said...

Try spoon-feeding or cup-feeding. Sometimes letting the person feeding wear the clothing with your smell helps. My first Ds cried for a week before he decided to take the bottle. Hop this helps.

Anonymous said...
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*~*Amber*~* said...

Had to play some serious catch up!! Wow... K is growing so very fast!! Love all the pictures of the two of them! Blessings to you and your family this holiday season J!! xoxo

Morgan said...

I know all too well the bottle rejection, Ari wouldn't take a bottle AT ALL for over two months. I eventually weaned him to a bottle full time and pumped, that worked for about a month and then I couldn't take it anymore. I nursed for 6 months and think I just waited a little too long. Try feeding her with a "lovie" in between you and her that you can leave with your mom (with your scent on it). That worked with Ari when DH would feed him. Good luck!!!

jacQ said...

Thanks everybody for the help and tips on bottle rejection. According to my mum, K's getting better at taking the bottle. We've just got to preservere and i hope this whole week of me being off work won't be regressive for her!