December 30, 2007

[what i like most abt xmas...]

...are the post xmas sales!! :P heh heh, once a shopaholic, always a shopaholic. So, while we took an extended lunch yesterday, i managed to get these from my LSS:
i know i know, i shouldn't be buying anymore, but with 40% off how can i resist! best buys had to be the MM scalloped albums & dotliner refills - heh....
Been experimenting with creating little embroidered artwork. This one is adapted from G's drawings of stick people. if you look closely, the vertical line above the blobs are 'hair' - she'll usually draw an extra long line for mummy and quite a short one for daddy. :)

another more restrained scalloped edged one. i kinda like the quadrant, might do a few more to complete the set!
close up... :)
this is G this morning - she looks so grownup! Can you believe she's not even 3 yet!!!

K chattering away - this one is a talker!
love that slogan on her t-shirt - that's all she does btw -everything's gotta be done 'HER WAY'!
and lastly, finishing up a customised blankie for a customer :)
all wrapped up and ready to be posted!


Anonymous said...

Oh My - I love the blanket, the scallop edged one & especially the embroidery of the stick people!! Really lovely!! :)
elaine t

Mel said...

everything so nice!! i really take my hat off to you! :) G looks gorgeous, and K is so adorable.. :)

happy new year to you & the family!

meta-lodestar said...

oh my! the embroidery is so nice! how did u do the scalloped edges?? it's just so amazing!!

lialuvsblythes said...

*sigh* I luurrve the scalloped quadrant! And the trees ... just luuuurvely!

Ravenhill said...

I love the blanket, the embroidered art and the gorgeous photography on your blog! Your children are so beautifully and just radiate pure joy and happiness!