August 27, 2008

[this and that + the big change]

I often wonder how life runs it's course. It is very strange how we find ourselves at a particular moment in time, i often wonder how it would have been different if we had just made a different choice at various stages of our lives.
Although it's an exciting time for us right now, as with all changes, it is also a time of disquietness, it's a time of stress, it's a time of unsettlement. We've premeditated about this change for such a long while, that now that it is Actually happening, it seems like the huge load of expectations and the drive to succeed has come up to the fore. From the moment we met in school, all the way through our various career paths, we have always had this dream of creating our own practice. Finally, we've decided to just take the plunge and do it. As with having a child, there is no such thing as a good time... It has been something that we have deliberated about for many many years, whether we are ready, whether it will be unfair for the kids not to have the financial security of our corporate careers, whether we are prepared to be always working, chasing our dreams. But, we are happy that we have done so, it has been (and still is) a lot of sleepless nights, a lot of worrying and speculating, a lot of sacrificing. On the flip side, there is an immense sense of fulfilment, of finally doing the right thing, of pursuing that holy grail of being the creator of our own works. Wish us luck!

On the kiddies front, it's amazing how things change so quickly, K's more and more mobile now, although her gamine smiles are still as readily available and so forthcoming. We're very thankful for the girls, for being able to come home to their really wonderful company. Even though sometimes all we want to do is to crawl into bed and sleep for a full 10 hours! I do hope that even with all these changes on our work lives, we'll be able to maintain our commitment to them as parents.

A little funny one to share:
G in the car one day -
Mummy, teacher says that God is in our Heart.
Yup, that's right, i said
Ya! But teacher also says that our Heart is where the blood comes from! ....
So, does God drink up all the blood? Is he drowning in the blood?

heehee. how to deal with this one!

August 21, 2008


A wonderful email was waiting for me when i got home! I took part in this contest, inspired by the amazing iris from the Phillipines, who was an MMM winner last year. I had no idea i will get anywhere with it, and I only submitted abt 1 week to the dateline (knowing the last minute me!). Thankfully it got there on time and I've been chosen as part of the 10 runnerups!
Gosh, such an honour.
Go HERE to see the list of people who are the winners this year, and also congrats to another fellow Singaporean runnerup, E, from my local LSS DT! So proud that there are 2 of us there!
O, and the little minialbum thats on the tab "online gallery" is of my 2 girls, made with the latest OA products :)

Thanks all!!!

August 12, 2008

[cottage industry]

My largest order to date has been confirmed, so i've been furiously sewing away..... i love how they look all lined up together....some more pics of the blankies:
and the peach ones...
both together - this shot took quite long to take, as little hands kept grabbing the blankies!
So, now for some more updating of my shop!

August 05, 2008

[who inspires you?]

It's an interesting topic, something that i've always pondered over. I would love to hear who inspires you to continue pursuing life the way you've led it - be it in the creative line, or just on the homefront. 
In the meanwhile, gotta post some pics! :)
Some blankies on order and a little sneak peek at a recent layout using the latest CHA papers for OA

Here's my take on my inspiration:

Being half of a creative duo, i've always been inspired by couples who are both in the creative line. I loved reading about how the worked together, how they kept the creativity alive, how they talked about their work together, and most of all, how they inspired each other. The most famous of these creative couples whom i'm greatly inspired by has to be Eames. This legendary modernist couple were inspiring to me, not just because they produced seminal architectural legacies, but also in the way the approached design. They were not just architects, they embraced design in all aspects - the eames furniture range, the eames playcards etc.... The best thing about them was how they brought design into their household as well. How Charles Eames used to design little games for his daughter, how they would travel widely and document all that they saw, how the little letters to his daughter demonstrated his love for design and also fun. Design wasn't just a job to them, it was their life. Their quirky approach to design and life is best represented in their most famous video clip "Powers of 10". 
So, i would love to be like the Eames, surrounded by creative people, living and breathing art and design, having creative experiences with my girls..... :)