October 29, 2007

[GOOD mail day!]

What a great surprise - heard the postman at the door this morning and as expected, there was a parcel from SOMO to me :) I've been waiting for the Oct Kit for a long time and it's great to see it finally in the flesh. What was a real surprise was a pressie that came in my kit box! :) I was so touched.... so nice to Kim and Jon to actually include a little something for me to celebrate the birth of K :) Thanks so much!! It's little touches like this that make me so glad to be on this design team - of course the fabulous kit and the Oct Afternoon stamps just shows how talented the 2 of them are! :) Happy happy good mail day - i'm going to go do my LOs now.....

Isn't it just so darling! :)

This is what G does to amuse herself :)
Or this ?

Her lips are swollen because she stepped off the WC and lost her balance. Love this pic of the 2 of them
Retaking pictures of the albums to list on my shop - how do i make them more artsy?
Look at her pensive stare
Spent a great relaxing saturday with sil P doing some crafting - we made 3 of these :) and also a bit of rectification work to her bag.....


Morgan said...

I really wanted that SOMO kit but no one at the site will email me back... can't wait to see what you do with it!!

Mel said...

that's so nice for jon and kim! :) and that pillow looks great! Re the pictures - I think they look fine as they are (and this is well).

Scrappy Days said...

Oh I so love the kit!! Is my my kit with you? Kekeke. Anyhoo, i love the pillow!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaq,

I saw your layouts in Label Tulip and I love them! Is it possible to invite you to be a guest designer for my store? Please do email me back. mitchsyong@gmail.com Thanks.


Marr said...

oh dear. Hope G recover from the bump on her lips.

That's a lovely photo of the two lil' princess!

Can't wait to see your creation with the Oct SOMO Kit. Love the stamps. they are so cute!

Sri said...

Hope G is better.
bTW, K and G looks so much alike. Maybe it's the eyes.

Sabine Musole Anibal said...

Your baby is so cute !!!!!
I hope you long life full of joy with your childs !!!
Your creations are wonderfull ! Really nice !!!