May 03, 2009

[looooong weekend]

It is a long weekend here in Singapore, and G had 2 playdates lined up on consecutive days. On mayday was the much anticipated playdate with G at the East Coast Park. We haven't had a beach excursion in a long while and they obviously had a whale of a time! K didn't quite like the feeling of sand on her toes, but she still sat primly on the picnic mat and had a lot of fun scooping the sand from 1 container to another.
G + G trying to get into a big sand hole together... then falling over each other and giggling like crazy :)
G in the sand hole
Doing what little girls do best - jumping about and laughing out loud...
sand and fun!
It was playdate x 2 with the younger set too..
Snack time!

K's little toes, trying to brush the sand off..
The 2nd playdate was a birthday party at Bakerzin kids.... :) It was G's "boyfriend's" 4th. They had a lot of fun! Baking up a storm at the venue, and coming home with lots of decorated (lots of pink icing and marshmallows!) cupcakes.
Birthday Boy - M
G busy decorating her marshmallows and cookies
All the ingredients- all the kids look SO adorable in their chef's hat and apron.
Here's the 2 pressies for M & M.
Loved using the "nightlight" range of papers from OA to make these super cute boyish cards!
And today the weather was WAY too hot to go anywhere, so it was a fun day just staying home and scrapping the afternoon away, while K napped. :)
We rummaged through the stash, and it was a fun NSD activity to de-stash with old products. :)
Also did my first mist 'mask' effect.

Finally, another commissioned altered piece:
It's an altered "love" wall hanging.Had a lot of fun altering it, i think i might do one for our own place :)Adhered a KI memories lace CS to the surface, then misted the whole piece. Luckily i had it in the requested colour! Backing paper is OA.

Next post will be about the Giveaway challenge! :)

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lisa said...

I love it all! Great Job!