April 25, 2010

[here and there]

Sorry for not updating the blog.... it's been quite awhile since i've been here!
Here's what I've been doing:
Making some commissioned pieces, i love the seahorses.
The inside is my fav red polka dot fabric
Another version, still a work in progress, I'll be looking at embellishing it further
Fabric selections
Just had these arrive from Japan, wonderfully soft and too gorgeous to be used as it's intended purpose. The little hedgehogs are now my sewing machine cover.
A bag for my SIL's bdayWe were the "jeans" family at the bday dinner. At an age when all they want to wear are dresses, it is no mean feat to dress them in jeans. Now to convince them that sneakers are cool too!

Impossible to get a good shot. Love these jeans from H&M, we have to wear them very soon, G has about 4 jeans and has outgrown all the rest. Luckily we have K to make full use of them, it would have been such a shame otherwise.... K at the super posh and utterly decadent Cova.

O and the other reason why I haven't been blogging? THIS.... totally addictive, but fun! (do add me if anybody wants a game - username : jacqyeo)

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nanou said...

wonderful creative blog !!! thank you very much for all this incradible views !!!!