April 09, 2007

[like mother like daughter]

What have we been doing this long weekend - apart from the excursions to the park and pool, me and g have been busy making up layouts! Yes, my little helper is totally enraptured by the notion of 'rubons'. She's got her stash of rubon tools, and whenever she sees me scrapping, she'll insist on sitting on my lap to 'help'! haha... it's been quite enjoyable though, i'll select the rubon, she'll help by pushing the rubon stick around. She's gotten so good at it that she can recognise the rubon packs - my AC rubons, my BG rubons.... haha... at least she's not selecting favorites yet!
So, here are the pics of her helping me:

here's the completed layout:

here's something else i made... (it's an upside down shirt bag!!!)


meta-lodestar said...

love the LO.. G is so cute! I really adore the LO :)
love the bag to bits too! how did you do it?? teach teach?

lialuvsblythes said...

the lo's super gorgeous!!

Marie said...

Lovely pages!! So super talented u are! Love that bag also! Your daughter is adorable!