January 29, 2007

[another weekend]

Gosh! time really flies by. Another weekend and it's the last one of January! Don't even know what we've achieved so far in the new year!
Well, my little miss independent has definately grown in leaps and bounds (literally!) over the past few months. Even S, whom we visited over the weekend - says that 2 weeks ago she was only speaking in single/double words - and now she's jabbering on in full sentences!

I know i promised a peek at wat i've been doing for the DT assignments.... I don't think i can show them here until it's up on the respective website, but here are some Sneakie Peekies!


meta-lodestar said...

so enticing.. can't wait to see the real thing!

susannah said...

Waiting sucks! LOL! Oh, well, I guess we have to. The peeks look great, can't wait to see them!