April 19, 2009


G had her 1st ever self-arranged (well, with lots of mommy help of course) playdate! It was sooo cute, watching her talk to her best friend from school (also G!) and to arrange to come over to our place over the weekend for a playdate. :) She was SOO excited, counting down the days to the weekend, every morning she will declare - it's .... many sleeps left before G comes over to our place! Haha... according to the other mom, it's the same scenario over at their house!
The girls were at first a bit shy (i guess it's a different environment after all) but after some cookies and juice, the ice was broken and it was 3 and a half hours of solid play before we managed to drag them apart!
It was definately a fun morning for G and she was so upset that it had to end. We left with promises for more playdates and perhaps a different setting of the beach or pool. :)

Here's some pics of what they did:
putting up a puppet show called - "the Bananas Cooking Show!"
Getting all sweaty and warm playing INSIDE *roll eyes* of my walk in wardrobe....
look at how many toys they managed to stuff in there....Eating brownies fresh out of the oven.

Just completed this card - i think it's pretty apt in this post!
Lots of October Afternoon, Heidi Swapp and Hambly rubons :)

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lialuvsblythes said...

That card is soo adorable! Gosh, can the 2 Gs be any cuter?? :D