April 03, 2009

[personal reflections....]

Inspired by the blog post of fellow OA DT - S, whose blog is so simple and genuine, indulge me while i share some of my personal reflections.

Back to basics, these should be the REAL reasons why:

i blog -
I started this blog when G was about 7months old. Reading back on one of my first posts, i was truly skeptical about jumping onto the whole blogging bandwagon! I was so new to the whole internet community then - there was no Facebook, no Friendster, only a few straggly blogs here and there, but a very active local mom's forum! I was intrigued by the blogs that i started reading, one of the very first few craft blogs that i read was a very personal (but sadly defunct) blog by the super talented Stephanie Congdon barnes. From there, i started branching out into reading lots of other (mostly craft related) blogs. Then i was chosen as the DT for SOMO, which meant reading more and more scrapping related blogs! It was really fun, i popped by daily (and still do) into these blogs -
I admire these girls sometimes not just because of their scrapping styles (of course that's a big thing to me too!), but also somehow, we've something in common - our kids are the same age, i love their style - personal and scrap wise, they come across as really genuine people. Through reading their blogs, i learn a little bit about their lives, about what makes them tick, about what they are LIKE.

There are also blogs of friends that i read.... they are often the ones i check first - sometimes these are blog friends, some are close friends who have moved overseas, some are friends who i meet occassionally, but blogs are a great way of keeping in touch!

So, my blog has been a platform for me to share the way i think, my interests, my loves, and also to document the lives and times of my 2 little girls. I realise that it is not so private anymore, but i would also like it to remain really personal. So, because there is an audience, it brings me to a related question - why do you read blogs? Do you think there should be anything i should be doing more on my blog?

i scrapbook -
More and more, it's not about the techniques or the products (although shopping is always nice :P ), but it should be really about the MEMORIES, about documenting the moments. I want to be able to look back at the albums and REMEMBER the events that happened, i want to remember the moments when the pictures were taken. I totally don't want to just remember what particular technique was "hip" or which products were in season at that time!
Why do you scrapbook? Are techniques and products important?

i make stuff -
It has been a therapeutic journey for me whenever i start making things. I guess i've always had the inclination towards craft. Even as a young child, i was the one that was into making dresses for my dolls, creating elaborate concoctions out of 3ply tissue paper! i had lots of ongoing crafts growing up (must to the chagrin of my mum who always had the ardous task of packing up and also to complete all the half done projects!) heh, but i can't imagine life without my crafting inner self.
Fellow crafters, what inspires you to craft? What are your favorite things to read about in crafting blogs?

i design -
I truly love my job. I'm truly lucky and blessed that i really enjoy my work.

Heh, gosh, that i think it's the longest blog post ever! :) I do hope you all will comment! :)

So, can't blog without pictures right? here they are:

How many writing positions can one have?
this way?
this way? look at her chubby hands!
Doodles, this one LOVES drawing...
So cute!
A LO done about us, love how the papers match the my dress!
Look at the 2 of them learning together......
G teaching her how to point at the right pictures

Some new fabric albums that i've completed:Okay! Have fun with the rest of the weekend!


Carol said...

Hi Jac, as per your request i decided to pen down my comment. I love reading your blog as i have 3 nieces which i think there are almost the same age as yours. one is 4 and the 2 younger one is around 20 and 22 months. It is really enjoyable to read your blog about the girls growing which i can relate to and also looking at your LO and mini album give me some ideas and motivation that I should scrap some photos of them to have a unforgettable memories.
Please keep on writing your blog despite me been a holiday I still can`t stop going to the internet to read what you are doing.

nichole said...

i have been reading your blog for while now.

i enjoy hearing how your kids are growing. i enjoy looking at all your beautiful creations. i enjoy getting to know you and your family.

thanks for always being so open and willing to share.

jing said...

hello Jacq,

i love reading your blog, not only i love to see your work but also learn about your two little gals.

your blog had also inspired me to pick up scrapbook and made me attended my first scrapbook class.

i also shared your blog with my gals at work.

the things you shared about your gals always bring a smile on my face.

you also made me realised that we should always record the little moments in life with scrapbooking.