April 25, 2009

[free weekend... ]

It's our 1st 'free' -ish weekend in a LONG time! heh... it was good to take a break finally and have that full 8 hour sleep every night (well, except last night, when K insisted on milk every other hour!)
Here's what we've been doing during the week...

We created a little cardboard house using a corrugated cardboard box. :) G loves doodling on the box, she drew in the door, windows and even a doorbell with a person hanging on to it.
V made the "furniture" with her using the lego pieces. There's a TV (with lightning mcqueen show no less!) and some wardrobes
A scooter and a baby car

Here's K roadtesting my MM cutter!A dear friend of mine was visiting from the UK, so i bought this from HERE and "tompang" her freight! :) They make the cutest kits and for all that know london, these are the infamous trellick towers - an architectural gem (something like the pearlbank towers in singapore)
Remember my box tutorial HERE? I made more....
This is a newborn baby giftbox. Papers, rubons are from October afternoon, Hambly and Heidi Swapp.
K sitting and watching the telly...
Getting bored and playing with her playdoh (without the dough, cos mama's too lazy to clean up!) icecream maker
Lastly, i've been making some prototype bags for a convention in July. :)
Yup, up-cycled T-shirt sleeves with some lace and satin ribbons! How's that for earth-day love!

Also, pop by HERE *2peas and Hambly contest* and HERE *lots and lots of OA* for more recent LOs.

Have a GREAT weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

may i know where did you get the plain tote bag from? (:

Anonymous said...

oh, and will you be posting up the box tutorial from the previous post that stores 4R photos? :D cant wait!! :D thanks!

jacqyeo said...

Hi anonymous - it's from Bangkok - but i can't reveal the source.. But there are similar ones here - www.dharmatrading.com.
Yes yes! The photo tutorial is coming up soon! :) As is the OA giveaways! heh....

Anonymous said...

Hi Jacq,
thank you for sharing! :D looking forward for the tutorial! :D

jing said...

nice bag.. u should start selling them on at your shop.